Ever Forward Versus Ever Given Grounding & Salvage

Interested in your comments on the cause of Ever Forward grounding and potential salvage plans.

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Do not agree…
Insurance scum?
Looking at the 2021H3-Consolidated_Financial_Report.pdf (latest available)
or after:

Not plausible.
Or the start of the Ist great Container War?

Very strong chance that it was caused by human factors which will be revealed via the VDR. The one redeeming fact here is that there should be a rigorous and detailed inquiry as opposed to the farcical effort covering the “Ever Given” incident where we learnt very little……if anything.

Potential salvage plans……a shyte load of dredging and lightening.


In a perfect world, the speed profile at each waypoint should be agreed to by both parties via the Master/Pilot exchange prior to the commencement of the Pilotage.

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Methinks another ban. His last post was nothing short of ridiculous and totally irrelevant. I am annoyed at myself for responding to his previous. I should know better.

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We should be so lucky. :disappointed:


I’ll be looking at whether this confirms the outcome of the COSCO Busan incident. Before that incident, it was taken as gospel that the pilot is an advisor but the captain is responsible. I haven’t seen who contracted the salvage services by the way. Was it Evergreen, a P&I club or some government entity?

It is one year since Ever Given grounded in the Suez Canal_