Why is VLCS Ever Given Anchored Great Bitter Lake?

By AIS the Ever Given remains anchored in Great Bitter Lake. According to reports it’s to check for damage and/or it’s being held for legal reasons.

It was reported that the bow was damaged by a rock buried in the banks but a later report said there was no rock.

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Suez Canal Authority (SCA) adviser Sayed Sheaysha said experts would board the Ever Given on Wednesday to obtain data relevant to the incident.

The probe will examine the vessel’s seaworthiness and the crew’s actions.

From here:

Here we go again, another step in the criminalization of seafarers. Too bad it is too expensive to boycott the canal. Let the Egyptians eat sand when they run out of goats.


It does look like legal trouble for the crew.

From the Maritime Ex article.

The Ever Given herself appears to have been largely spared. A dive inspection on Wednesday revealed a limited amount of damage to her bow, but no other obvious signs of harm, according to the AP.

Precedent for seafarer detention

In Egypt, officers aboard detained vessels have occasionally ended up under a status equivalent to house arrest, sometimes for years, according to the International Transport Workers’ Federation.

Surely there is much more damage? I have it on good authority that the bottom of the entire canal is solid rock!


Did anyone see the reports about forward peak tank and bow thruster were leaking? Not sure which class society is involved but I would want a complete plan for further transit and repairs.

Logically, an incident investigation going on and the Eqyptian “authorities” do not want to give up control of this situation.

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I believe John mentioned that ABS was the class society for this vessel.

I was watching a news update on CNBC while this was going on and one of the interviewees was an Egyptian-American analyst who said that any investigation had to involve international parties because as much as it pained him to say it, the Egyptian government is untrustworthy and will be expected to CYA.

Was that the same “authority” that stated the bow would fall off as soon as it was off the rocks?

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I went to his web page… He’s straight up Generalissimo Q-anon

I read on G.Capt home page, that Egypt is seeking 1 Billion Dollars in compensation. Not a bad weeks work, considering they will also be charging the vessels that have been delayed…Price gouging at a sovereign State level…

The Q loonies even think he is a whackjob, a bit too far off the deep end to have any credibility. It would be amusing if it were not in bad taste to laugh at mentally ill people.

This is from yesterday.

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It appears to be mostly about money.


Rather unusual name of the guy from the Indian Seamen’s Union - Serang was the Hindustan word for bosun.

At a bare minimum, Class will require either an internal exam of the ballast tanks where bottom was touched. Not sure what the visibility is in the Great Bitter Lake, but this can be supplanted by a dive inspection. Same would go for the stern tube, propeller and rudder. I have a feeling that the Egyptians will hold the vessel hostage for $$$, though.


Cannot believe a vessel driven that hard and deep into the bank did not sustain zero damage. If so, a frigging miracle. Mentioning the stern is a focused approach.

Their canal, their rules, and their prerogative. Shippers are pretty familiar with the score and will be all too willing to pay. If Evergreen doesn’t like it they are welcome to go around.

Pretty hard to feel for Evergreen or Maersk or anyone else that builds these large vessels and knowingly sends them into an environment that probably isn’t suited for them.

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Yes, the Egyptians may be able to get away with this $1 billon extortion, but that does mean anyone else has to condone it.

Of course it’s also quite possible that they won’t get away with it.

Is that a triple negation?