Box boat aground in Suez Canal

Mega container ship hard aground in Suez Canal | EVER GIVEN - FleetMon Maritime News

Already big pile up in Red Sea and Med.

Even a smallish excavator is trying to help!



Drop it in 2nd, rev it to redline, dump the clutch and it will slowly walk itself around. Bonus points if you have “Kickstart My Heart” from Motley Crue playing.


Got their TowBoatUS or SeaTow paid up I hope :roll_eyes:
Seriously though, is someone going to have to bring a barge and a crane and start unloading the ship?

There’s help on both sides, but hasn’t budged yet.

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Steering gear trouble or loss of propulsion so that it drifted into the present position?

From gCaptain News:
… after the vessel suffered a black out while transiting…

If the rudder is blocked slightly starboard, the ship will ground her bow on the starboard bank and automatically finish as she did.

Yikes. That is ugly fer sure.

My mind always goes to bad fuel, terminal case of Second Assistant Brain right here.

That doesn’t look good. Newspapers here say that it was a gust of wind that caused the ship getting off course. Well, the ship has a lot of sail for sure…

This is getting out of hand and is going to cost gold. It is unfortunate that the Suez Canal Authority does not seem to have any heavy equipment to deploy in such calamities, they seem to be totally dependent on outside help. No plan B.


They are likely going to need to lighten the load up forward to get that thing back floating. With the amount of bottom paint showing from the mid body forward and what appears to be a full load, she is definitely hard aground. This could take a while for sure.

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Yeah, I was already thinking that this could set some unpleasant records for costly mistakes…

As for wincing her off, applying enough force shouldn’t be a problem. I’m less sure if doing so would be safe, given the potential for the front falling off.


Sail power trial didn’t work so well…but hey look at the upside, she’s still got all of her boxes onboard!


Obviously they didn’t hand over enough Marlboro to the pilot.


Some were picky and asked for instance for Lucky Strike or Camel. That is small change compared to the four bottles of whiskey that the doctor in Philadelphia demanded to skip the notorious dick parade.

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I was wondering if the Captain demanded the pilot return the cartons of Marlboro! :sunglasses:


This incident has shown what can go wrong when the new generation of ultra-large vessels like the Ever Given have to pass through the relatively tight confines of the canal. Size wise they have outgrown the Canal. Although parts of it were expanded as part of a major modernisation programme in the middle of the last decade, it remains tricky to navigate - and accidents can happen.

A safer alternative is sailing round Cape Good Hope but the ship owners won’t like that because this route is considerably longer.

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Yes, a lot of sail area. Car ships used to be put in front of other types of ships in the convoys so that they could speed up if need be for more control in case of high winds.

Remember this?

The formula for the swept path is SP = B + LOA * sin α

With that LOA a little more difficult to pull away from the leeside bank.


Baraka 1 on the job:

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