NOVA - Why Ships Crash

NOVA - PBS - Why Ships Crash

This week’s PBS show NOVA has a focus on the Ever Given mishap in 2021 on the Suez Canal.

This has been extensively covered under another thread although I will add one thing………

The SCA appear to be laying the blame at the Captain’s feet……….

NARRATOR: Is it possible that poor communication between the captain and pilot contributed to the Ever Given accident? The findings of the official investigations have not yet been released. According to the Suez Canal Authority, it was a complex accident with two main factors at play.

OSAMA RABIE: The biggest factors were the weather conditions and personal mistakes made by the captain. The captain was unable to control the ship, especially because he was going at a high speed, which was a mistake.

NARRATOR: They also blame the captain’s use of the rudder.

OSAMA RABIE: He was using the rudder in the wrong way. He kept changing direction too fast.

NARRATOR: Both the owners and the operators of the Ever Given declined to be interviewed, but in court, the ship owners stated that it was the marine pilots who ordered the increase in speed, and controlled the direction of the ship.

By analyzing transcripts of the audio recordings and the report commissioned by the ship owners, experts can piece together a hypothesis of how the ship came to be going so fast, and why it crashed.

As the Ever Given approached the canal, the report says that strong variable winds made the ship hard to control.

………and that is not correct. He challenged the primary Pilot and was promptly threatened with an immediate departure from the vessel.

Ask yourself………where can I find a public release of the VDR transcript? Therein lies the answer to all the “Ever Given Bullshit”.

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Watched it, nothing new for readers here.



It’s amazing contrasting the segment with Capt Tylawsky explaining the somberness and seriousness that the SF Pilots took the Cosco Busan incident, with the next cut of the SCA head claiming that their pilots were in no way responsible for what happened to the Ever Given. Just totally asinine assertions that continue to make them look like a joke. Nobody truly in the know actually believes it, but some in the general public may do.

None of this should be a surprise as the SCA also infamously denied that anyone there requests bribes or “gifts” as well as this being the nation that still, officially, denies EgyptAir 990 was pilot suicide.


I could not agree more.

Out of the “Cosco Busan” came a formal report with full exposure and lessons learnt. The finger was pointed at three issues. The same will apply to the “Ever Forward”. VDR audio transcripts were released, via a 500 page report, on the “ El Faro” foundering and once again lessons were learnt. Sound process.

It would have been nice to call the Senior Pilot’s bluff, when challenged, to advise him that the ladder was rigged ready for his departure………clearly, he was a self-entitled individual who lacked certain skills but bullied his way through the SC in defiance of modern operation norms ie a f…ing dinosaur protected by the precious Art. 4(7) of the SCA “Rules of Navigation”

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Slightly unrelated, but wondering how the following ships ( Maersk Denver) managed to to hold position after the Ever Given blocked the canal.

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They probably dropped their anchors or found a nearby vacant berth if one was available.

Vacant berth? They’re like 1 mile behind the guy in front of them.

My guess is full astern and hope for the best and then drop the anchor.

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