Equipment Number

Hello Guys, where to find EN - Equipment Number on board my vessel ??

This is used to determine size of anchors and strength of mooring lines.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m only vaguely familiar with this, I’d check the ship’s ground tackle drawings.

@cmakin might have more info.

Thanks, I’ll do that, will let you know if I find something.

Should be on the Class Certificate or certainly in the vessel Class information. Hang on. . . .From the ABS Rule Book:
Equipment Symbol
The symbol (E) placed after the symbols of classification, thus: + A1 (E), will signify that the equipment of
anchors and chain cables of the vessel is in compliance with the requirements of the Rules or with
requirements corresponding to the service limitation noted in the vessel’s classification, which have been
specially approved for the particular service.

And the requirements can be found here:

See Chapter 5.

Thanks, I have checked the Class certificate but it’s not there.
And when are you talking about vessel Class information, I don’t know what that actually is or where to find it?

I know about the regulation & I also found a formula on how to calculate EN, but it’s quite complicated.
Then I checked the weight of our anchors and they probably correspond to EN, so I have quite precise idea on what our EN is.

But non the less I would like to know the exact number and where the hell to find it haha, maybe I should just contact my teacher from maritime academy :))

It is an optional designation. It would be on the Class certificate. Oftentimes smaller vessels have no (E) designation.