Ensco Full DP vessels with no Marine Dept?

I recently heard from a supervisor aboard the ship I work on at Transocean who knows that Ensco is building Full DP ships but without requirements for marine licensed crew. The company is claiming significant savings, and specifically said due to no required marine licensed crew. Now this might not be 100% true or accurate, but I’m not doubting what he said. The vessels have no anchors and are classified as MODU non self propelled vessels… I don’t understand how could they do this, except for just a financial standpoint!

argo,<br><br>Go look at the safe manning cert of your vessel… you don’t even need a Captain unless away from location right?<br><br>They will probably hire riding crews for rig moves and otherwise rely on insurance to cover their ass.


It’s just as bad on the ATBs. No entry level engine room jobs. Those of us with our days and 55 are leaving in droves. Replacements don’t appear to be beating the door down. <br><br>I think I’ll invest some of my retirement funds in aggregates. It appears management will continue need sand to bury their heads.


Correct you are, no marine department on their MODU’s however they do have a 4 point anchor system. Yes, they also bring on one 3rd party Unlimited and Chief for voyages over 24 hours otherwise if under 24 hours no licensed mariners are required and transiting is via own propulsion on the dp system with just one operator at the helm. I know???

I remember a posting as this a while back. DPOextraordinare, you are correct. No marine crew with the exception of DPO’s. What I remember is that on a short rig move, I want to say within 15 miles a captain is not needed. But in the event of a longer move, then one of the “land based” captains who work in their office come out to the rig.
I am not sure how they are getting away with this, but they are.
I am sure someone else can post something with more accurate info. But I do know, while they are on station, no captain is onboard, only an OIM.

The requirement is a captain on moves of 12 hours or less and a captain and mate on moves of 12 to 24 hours. No requirement for DPO at all.

Correction: 2 DPOs are required.