Enrolled in SIU UA: Not sure about department and pay?

I have no idea what sort of money unlicensed union workers are making. I live in Baltimore and asked the Port Agent at the SIU Hall if I could inspect SIU’s collective bargaining agreements, but I was told I’m not allowed to. How can I find out what I’d actually get paid for the jobs take after getting a Union Book?

On the UA website it says that in the final phase of the school students complete department specific upgrading classes. I have no idea what department would make the most sense for me. The port agent said there was a lot of need for steward department workers and the job board did reflect that, but I’m assuming steward department gets paid less based off https://sealiftcommand.com/payscales/ and the fact no positions in steward department require licensed seafarers.

Is the Military Sealift Command salary list comparable to Union pay?
I’ll really appreciate advice I’m young and plan on making this my permanent career path, but don’t actually have a background in seafaring so I’m not sure how to get started off on the right foot.