eNavigation 2009 conference

I’m attending eNavigation 2009 this week. Very, very interesting stuff. Mandatory ECDIS carriage is coming, beginning in 2012. Get ready. Also in the pipeline: Enhanced AZS messaging, like it or not. Me, I’m on the fence, leaning toward not liking it. But who knows, I’ll keep an open mind.

I learned a lot at eNavigation 2009. Among the highlights:

  1. NOAA’s presentation of their PORTS system, and their new enhanced tidal prediction website(s).
  2. Several vendors of cutting edge eNav technology were present. AIS enhanced messaging was the buzz-word of the week, and the vendors were showing off some cool stuff.
  3. People from 5 continents attended, some true movers and shakers were present.
  4. The folks from Pacific Maritime Magazine, Phillips Publishing, put on a top rate conference and obviously put an incredible amount of effort into making this a success. My hat’s off to them!