Empire State VI SST 2009 Underway

Follow along the cruise to the Azores, Gibraltar, Iceland and the Kiel Canal on the school’s website that has a very nice blog with photos http://www.sunymaritime.edu/About%20Maritime/Summer%20Sea%20Term/index.aspx

Chaplain John Farrell is posting - just click on the dates for the daily updates. It’s a good primer for the parents and will amuse those of you who have been there, done that.

And the cadets email is still broken, but they will live.

The last blog was on June 4th but today (6/11) I see the vessel is enroute to Iceland and their 1200Z position as 50.5N 15.2W and they were encoutering some rough conditions (SE’LY 35Kts) passing eastward of a North Atlantic Gale.


Track KKFW via sailwx.info


The TS Empire State was reached the Arctic circle this morning.

2009-Jun-19 09:00Z Position N 66°48’W 024°30’


So what is the Bluenose ceremony for crossing the Arctic Circle? Anything like becoming a shellback only with ice? :smiley:

For those who care, the ship’s librarian has a nice blog http://bibliosailor.blogspot.com/ as the chaplain had to leave the ship for health reasons, thus the school website http://www.sunymaritime.edu/About%20Maritime/Summer%20Sea%20Term/index.aspx isn’t terribly up to date.

I guess if you must cross the Arctic Circle the summer solstice would be about the best time to do it.

The ship’s librarian has a funny description of the Blue Nose ceremony http://www.sunymaritime.edu/About%20Maritime/Summer%20Sea%20Term/Daily%20Updates/SST_2009/june21_2009.aspx.

Now they are going through the Pentland Firth and on to Belfast. Looping around Iceland and passing the Orkney Islands has been a fun piloting and charting challenge for this training trip. Across the Atlantic to Gibraltar, then up and around Iceland, down to N. Ireland and then back to NYC.

Below decks, the engineers have been working to keep the ancient ship functional - nothing like fixing the toilets and showers for 600 students (about 100 female) and working ancient steam systems to keep you on your toes!:stuck_out_tongue:

Capt. Rick Smith has his hands full!