Electronic Barograph

Anyone have any expence with an Electronic Barograph (recording barometer)? Either shipboard or at home? Amazon has a Weems & Plath Electronic Barometer for $230 I’m looking at for ship use…

The NWS no longer supports the mechanical barographs, parts no longer available etc.

I used one on a research vessel. It was a different model and i don’t recall if we were able to see the trend beyond 3 hours. You might check in with the NOAA Voluntary Observing Ship program, they “loan” barographs to ships

I have this one


and it is very, very capable.

Certainly not the cheapest, but money well spent for those who need (or simply value) an accurate recording barometer.

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It looks like the VOS wx obs program is using the Mintaka that CJS is using.

From NWS VOS site: Status of Equipment Upgrade

NWS is currently evaluating a replacement for the current Precision Digital
Barometer issued by NWS to the CHUAS stations.
– Mintaka Dual Sensor Precision Barometer is currently being evaluated
by the Sterling Field Support Center for Upper Air observations.
The Mintaka Dual Sensor Precision Barometer is currently used by the
> NWS Volunteer Observing Ships (VOS) Program.

Last time I checked with the port met officer in Jacksonville he told me NWS no longer supported the old mechanical / paper barographs, I should check with them again and see if they will provide a Mintaka

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