Electric fire boat

Now is the question; What dies first, the fire or the power??


Maybe it’s connected to a really long extension cord.

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I think the water streams turn water turbines that recharge the batteries??!?

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Some years ago I was on sea trails on a newbuilt AHTS with FiFi II Class.
To show off all fire monitors were pointed aft and low and the CPPs set to Neutral.
I can’t remember the exact speed obtained, but IFAIR it was somewhere between 5 - 6 kts. Impressive.

PS> No fuel gain was recorded, so perpetuum mobile is still elusive, if not impossible:

Your proposal will be past on to a “well known” science writer in Australia for her highly esteemed (by some) opinion.

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So they are “hybrid”, not 100% electric (which seems reasonable to me). I suspect that for the usual deployment, they would be 100% electric, but with the capability of firing up a (diesel?) generator to extend their working time in a large or complex situation.

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It is worth noting that these boats will not be just sitting idle, waiting for the next fire somewhere accessible from navigable water.

They are shallow draft, with low air draft for operation in small rivers and canals with low bridges that needs inspection, cleaning and maintenance from time to time.

Yeah. . . that would work. . .free energy. . . .