Education in America Today

Yep, she probably also thinks The Met in New York City is a museum for baseball memoriabilia.

And over here many perceive the British as being arrogant. I have experinced this many times myself… In fact your post itself is a bit arrogant.

But if you want to see true arrogance I have a few New England yacht clubs I’d be happy to show you. And if you want to meet a true group of idiots I know a place in London we can visit too :wink:


Well , if you think she is thick, you should meet my wife’s second cousin. She is 82 and has never once left Long Island! :rofl:

P.S. I once asked her: Manhattan is a $5 train ride that takes 20 minutes… haven’t you ever just wanted to pop in to see the big buildings? She said she loves the big buildings and travels every year to see them… from the Brooklyn side :flushed:

I’m guessing the Met joke flew over the heads of Kaken and Tomahawk the way opposing hitters’ swings sail over the fence at Citi field.


But if you want to see true arrogance I have a few New England yacht clubs I’d be happy to show you.

Not related to anything, but I was once honored to be a guest at the NYYC - their model room is something like a temple to Neptune.


Love that place! And if you think that’s nice then ask your freind for an invite to their clubhouse in Newport!

Maybe we are thick Jim because I can’t seem to stop calling it Shea Stdium :wink:


It’s not uncommon to see Americans abroad display a cringe worthy combination of ignorance and arrogance. It indicates that hordes of the less educated in our society have the means to travel internationally whereas in other countries fewer of them can afford to do so. Not such a bad thing.

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Counted in per capita, the Scandinavians are the most frequent travelers, with Finland on top. USA is #2 when you count domestic travel:

Abt. 67 Mill. (21%) of Americans traveled abroad in 2016, but more than half to Mexico and Canada. (37.5 Mill.) Europe received nearly 12 Mill. Americans, while Asia only saw a bit over 4 Mill.,with Carribean (Cruise??) travelers numbered 6.5 Mill.

Like Americans, who are the biggest domestic travellers, the Europeans also travel mostly within their own country (56%) and to other European countries (26%) Only 3% of European travel nights were spent in North America, with USA as the largest destination, accounting for 13.8% of nights spent outside Europe.

For China the number of overseas travelers in 2016 was 120 Mill. the largest overall, but only 9% of the population travelled abroad and only 10% have passports. (35% for USA)
They are also the largest spenders when travelling abroad. USA is in 4th place of where they spend their money, but not in number of Chinese tourist. (I think Las Vegas take a lot of the loot)

Fuck, I would have never left USA if I lived there. Almost a continent to explore.

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Total number vs Per capita:apple

This is interesting because if you travel the world enough, everyone can say this about everyone else. What I have seen recently is a whole bunch of Europeans (from a broad range of countries) and Asians (mostly Japanese and Indian) traveling to the American South West - places like Southern Utah and Arizona. Germans renting motorcycles to take a run though these beautiful places, Norweigians just getting a taste of the desert, Japanese gamely stomping up some steep, dusty, hot trail… and all in between - generally, when they were all there together, there wasn’t one characteristic that was unique to any one country. Some had kids that were taking Sharpies to the ancient Native American rock art, some were treating it with reverence. It’s all good, glad they aren’t just sticking to NYC and Orlando. Over seas, I’ve seen some crazy rude Americans, and some very polite Americans, and etc etc etc. I think these generalizations can no longer be justified.


I don’t know if I have proposed this before, but maybe the gcaptain shop could come up with some tee-shirts with the following text on the front:
"INSTANT OBNOXIOUS (pick your nationality)
Add suitable characteristic cartoon
I’m sure you can find the people that fits the texts anywhere.

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Very misleading set of headline statistics.

The average American makes 0.2 foreign trips per year.

The aveverage Canadian makes 1 foreign trip per year (5 times more the Americans).

The average Norwegian makes two foreign trips per year (10 times more than Americans).

There are ten 10 more Americans than Canadians, but I seem to meet a remarkable number of Canadians on foreign trips.

The obnoxious Americans that I see on foreign trips, are just like obnoxious Americans that I see at US tourist destinations. Many of them seem to be from New Jersey.

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Fergit about it. The van driver in New Jersey that drove us for few weeks from the motel to training facilities reminded us more than once not to bet on the hosses “cause the bahstards will just teah your hot out, I tell ya”. Needless to say we stayed away from the hosses.

My Uber driver to get from the airport to a recent senior officers conference in New Jersey was listed on the app as “Rico Suave”. No shit…

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Oh if you think they’re bad you should check-out a Red Sox game :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


But for a Canadian, that foreign trip could just be across the border to the US. . . there is your one foreign trip a year. . . Norwegians make two each year? Hard to go 100 miles (other than north/south) in Norway and make a foreign trip. . . I am sure that most Europeans make FAR MORE foreign trips than those of us in the good ol’ US of A. It is hard NOT to make a “foreign” trip in Europe.

Now, unlike most of this forum, many in the US not only don’t have the need to leave the country, they do not have the desire. . . as far as idiot Americans abroad? Hell, idiots are everywhere. . . . American or not. . .


That’s true.

European countries are small and you can fly all over the place on Easyjet and Ryan Air cheaper than you can drive or take the train. If you don’t have bags, the flights are so cheap they are almost free. No customs or border control in most places. Of course, the foreign travel statistics may not track travel within the Schengan zone.

A lot of Canadians buy all their gasoline and cigs in the US. They do a lot of shopping in the US. Quite a few work in the US. A lot of Canadians have second homes in the US. It’s common for Canadians to drive to the US to catch cheaper flights. Canadians make a lot of trips over the border. Americans are a lot less likely to go north.

About 1 million Americans live in Mexico. There are a few people that cross the border every day for work or school. I don’t know how many Canadians live in Mexico, but it’s a lot.

That is true, to compare total US travelers and per capita Scandinavians is like comparing Apples with Oranges.
If you throw in Chinese travelers as well, it is like adding Mandarins to the mix.

But if you compare them all according to “per capita” it becomes much more realistic, since there are a lot more Chinese and Americans than Scandinavians.

Yeah, my ex was a Canadian ( but dual citizen). Her parents are green card aliens living in Florida. . .