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These days traveling between EU countries is similar to traveling between American states. No visa, passport or border controls, same currency, people usually share a common language of some sort, somewhat similar population quantity and land area, lots of connected and common borders. It might be better to compare out-of-country travel within the EU with out-of-state travel within the United States. I suspect the data would be less titillating.

As for ugly American tourists, let me propose that any mass of culturally out-of-place tourists can be viewed negatively by the locals. Where I grew up we have lots of Japanese and Korean tourists (and now Chinese). A lot of us are equally annoyed by the ‘good Asian’ tourists as we are by the ‘ugly American’ tourists.


Sometimes it seems like most Canadians are dual citizens, but not the other way around.


Well, yeah. . . they need to come here for decent health care. . . .


According to this, the average American has visited 24% of American states. That would be about equal to a European visiting seven EU countries. 10% have never traveled out of their home state. Of people 55 years old and older almost 95% plan to travel domestically in a year.

Unsurprisingly, big-state residents travel out-of-state less than small-state residents. Most amusingly, liberals travel less than conservatives.

Considering that inter-EU travel and inter-US travel is about the same level of challenge it’s odd that people still insist on comparing apples to oranges.


For vacation travel abroad, Europeans tend to travel most frequently within Europe. In 2015, over a third of EU travelers spent their holiday in another EU country compared to 15 percent who spent it outside the EU-28.

In own country (50%), In the EU28 (35%), In another country outside the EU28 (15%).

Considering the liberal ‘right to holiday’ of many EU nations it’s shocking that half of Europeans would vacation in their own country/state!


Finally there is the issue of vacation time and hours worked in a year. Europeans have more time for holiday, put in less work hours per year and believe that time for holiday is a human right. Americans have much less time for vacations, work roughly 20% more hours per year and believe that time off is a luxury - a vacation is a rare treat.

So, finally, why is it scandal that Americans go abroad less than Europeans? Its obvious to me.


No it is not surprising, since Americans have less time and larger area to travel in domestically.
Nor is it scandalous (that is your word, not mine)

But it is a bit surprising that Americans appears to accept that working long hours, with little or no holidays and few benefits, are something to cherish and be proud of.

Most Europeans (and ALL Scandinavians) appear to cherish their leisure time and quality of life more than material things.

What is the use of having a lot of “stuff”, a big car and a “mansion” to live in, if you don’t have the time to enjoy it??


Funny, I sometimes go to Canada for much better, faster, and cheaper healthcare. Of course, I don’t need much and I’m paying cash. My Canadian doctor just retired; I’m going to have to get a new one.

My local American hospital has a couple of good Canadian doctors, good luck getting an appointment.

The dentist’s offices in Mexico are full of Americans and Canadians, with the occasional Brit thrown in.


Sarcasm? From my experience living in Vancouver, most Canadians crossed the US border not for medical reasons but to load up on lower priced gas, cigarettes and cheese.


Yup. And look what it got them.


What has this got to do with internal borders within the Schengen Area?
The external boarder are not open but protected by the individual states with external borders to non-member states.

In addition there is a common European Border Force:

No wall, except at Seuta (A Spanish enclave on the coast of Morocco) and none wanted.


New Zealand is 3 hours by air from the nearest other country. A trip to San Francisco where my son resides with his family is a 13 hour long haul jet flight. Our media is outward looking and about one million of us out of our four and a half million population is overseas at any one time.
New Zealanders are found in the forefront of every enterprise in the world.
In sport ,The All Blacks, Rowing,cycling track and field and even Basketball we have excelled, oh and the America’s Cup.
In science wether it was splitting the atom, NASA (Dr Pickering) or Medical breakthroughs New Zealand has been there.
Just to give you guys a break from Norway, the Brits and yourselves.


@Hogsnort You forgot sheep shagging on your list! There you go - now you are truly part of the club. Just kidding buddy.


If we are into racial steriotypes, the Welsh are best known for rugby, singing and… no don’t go there… :persevere:

And yes English are arrogant. (If Johnny Foreigner can’t understand you… just shout louder and it will get through his thick skull:angry:) That or beer swilling louts who refuse to eat local food when traveling and demand chips with everything.

Going back to the OP, what does that say about our education system compared to the US education system?


I’m immune to their romantic enticements. I have a small flock and “lamb chop” together with “mint sauce” are on my todos and will move from pasture to cool room to freezer next weekend.


Granted the singing but the welsh rugby even with a New Zealand coach has not got its mojo back since you stopped mining coal.