What does "for the sake of argument" mean?

Ok I will change that to; “Some may differ with that assumption”.
I don’t believe that a lot of “extra curricular” activity at an academy make for better seafarers, but it may make them better educated in a broader sense.

I don’t claim to understand the finer nuances of either the US or any other Maritime Education systems, but I have seen no indication that any one produce superior seafarers to any other.

As I said; education is the base, good seafarers are a product of both education and experience.

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Not sure if this is trolling or not, for the sake of argument I will assume that it’s made in good faith.

For the sake of argument:

if you say something for the sake of argument, what you say may not be true but it will help you to have a discussion

So it’s something like “For the sake of argument, let’s assume ombugge is not a troll who likes to stir the @#$%…”?



It’s the ‘if’ in an if-then statement. The given or constant.

working theory

In this case the question “are STCW standards undermining countries with higher standards” the assumption that some countries do in fact have stronger standards is very strongly implied.

If someone doesn’t agree with that assumption then the time to point it out is before you accept it as true in your response.

Awhile ago, I was on a boat with a Canadian in the crew. (Don’t ask; I didn’t dare to). Overall, I’d say that in spite of being a little on the wrong side of the bell curve, and a little under-educated, he was a pretty typical hand. He was a chain smoker that struck me as the type of guy who probably liked his beer, pot, and a few other things, a bit too much (there are no Transport Canada drug tests). He was about 5’-6” and at least 250 pounds, but I’ve never seen anyone correctly put on a survival suit so fast. He was very good in all the drills and quick to point out defective gear. One guy doesn’t prove anything, but it gave me a favorable impression of Canadian STCW training.

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A good way to evaluate information that seems at first not to be true is to assume that it’s true and then evaluate it from that point of view.

This is one of those moments


This may help…