Dynamic Positioning

If you are in training for your DP rating, can this time be used as " other supervisory position " for upgrade for Master/ Mate.

Thanks for this little nugget. Its definitely wortj knowing. Is there a CFR or policy letter to cite for this? Either way its a very valid point and worth arguing. Thanks again

ME: If in training for DPO, can this time be used for upgrade for Master / Mate?

THEM: We cannot advise if it will be approved for equivalent supervisory position until it is reviewed by an evaluator with an application.

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ME: Well what would the criteria be that they would be using to make such a determination???

THEM> They would evaluate the service and use the criteria I previously provided you.

To be equivalent supervisory position as Master/Mate the person should be in charge of the bridge or pilothouse, not taking direction or commands from the person in charge of the safe navigation and operation of the vessel.
An equivalent supervisory position is a person acting as master or mate on a vessels in which credential is not required.

  • A tug exempt per 46 USCA 8905.
  • Military enlisted or officer qualified underway OOD/DWO for master.
  • Military enlisted or officer qualified underway JOOD for mate.
    The leading deckhand, senior deckhand, boatswain, throttle man is not equivalent supervisory position as master or mate.

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ME: Were not Happy till your not Happy

I think it would be ok as long as you seatime letter has a mate rating on it! The DPO position is never listed on a sea time letter. So the USCG should not concern themselves with that.

The DP is recognized by the several industries but not officially by the USCG . The NI has changed there requirements to state you must have at least a mate license to receive a DP certificate .