DVD Ripping Software

I’m looking for a good program to rip all the DVD’s I own so I don’t have to bring a huge case full of discs with me when I go out, instead I can bring a nice little 500 gb harddrive instead. I’ve used some, such as DVDShrink, but I’m looking for one that will compress the movies as well - preferably under a gig. I know it takes some of the quality out of the movie, but I’m only watching them on a 15" laptop, so it’s ok with me.

Anybody know of a good one?

My mom got my dad an Ipod with the cable that allows him to hook it up to a TV for the same reason. For the movies that dont include an Ipod version I got him the Ipod ripper from http://www.imtoo.com/

For you get the DVD Ripper pack would be good, and then also get a copy of Any DVD from http://www.slysoft.com/en/anydvd.html

While the Imtoo stuff is ok at getting around some of the copy protection stuff i’ve still run into problems using it by its self. Any DVD takes care of all those problems.

When rippind just put everything in Divx if you dont plan on using an Ipod, and be sure to use 2 stage pass, as the quality is so much better. takes longer but worth it in the long run. If you do ever plan on putting them on an Ipod, great when wating around airports, or riding in the carry all, then use MP4.

Thanks. I’ve had AnyDVD for quite a while now - and it takes care of all that copyright protection stuff. I’m not planning on putting it on my ipod, so I’ll try out the DVD Ripper Platinum 5.0 and see if it’s really worth the $46.

Try “Handbrake”. You can download it for free for Mac or PC. Very easy to use, and I’ve had no problems with it.

Go to divx.com and download the divx player free, which comes with a converter. Convert your dvd’s to divx. Divx (aka AVI) files for a movie are around 700mb’s, and quality of the movie is retained.

HandBrake+1. A total free software that can download vieos to MKV and MP4 formats and hot devices.
But many peole face with the problem that it can’t find the resources. This solution is useful http://www.videoconverterfactory.com/tips/handbrake-no-valid-source-found.html for most similar problems are due to copy-protected DVD.