Transfering Hawspipe references to a ipad?

Since I am starting to study for my 500 Master through the hawspiper program. I saw all the reference material is in PFD format has anyone transfered this to a Ipad? Thanks for all the help I know I have a long path ahead of me now that I am looking at all this material.

Try this

There are a number of others as well but this seemed to have the best reviews (and most expensive at $9.99 so it must be good;-). I used a free version of this on my iphone and it seemed to do what I wanted. Let us know how it goes!

iBooks IS a pdf reader. You don’t have to pay for one. Just import it into iTunes and then sync up.

okay well I was half successful! I have gotten it onto my Ipad but I need a password to access the PDFs? I bought the program but I dont see anything for a code or password?

[U]ipage [/U]