What's with iTunes lately?

I’ve downloaded a pretty sizable library from them over the last few years, and am finding that lately, some tracks skip at some point in progress. They do it on the computer and when again playing back on my iPod.

Anybody else notice this, or am I just a moron for buying from iTunes?

No wonder people resort to pirating music. I’ll send them a message but man, what a pain in the arse.

There’s a few box boats I deal with that have humongous music libraries. I’ll bring my external HD and do some horse trading.

It’s probably a corrupt file, as once you download from itunes, they no longer control the file that is on your computer (in itunes) or on your ipod (copied from iTunes). I believe that you can go into itune and redownload your purchases now (I can at least) and that should cure your bad files.