Dutch owned ship Eemslift Hendrika in trouble off NW Norway

AQS TOR safely moored in Florø after pick up by tug STADT SLOVAG

There were some pictures published today from belowdecks, showing that one of the thrusters that shifted has punctured a ballast tank.


From smp.no yesterday: (Google translation)
It is now clear that thrusters that were in the hold were to be transported to Sunnmøre. This is confirmed by communications manager at Kongsberg Maritime, Anette B. Wollebæk.

  • As far as we know, there were six thrusters on board the cargo ship. Four of them are ours and two of them belong to a foreign rig company whose name I can not say. These six thrusters, which were all used, were going to Ulsteinvik and our service department for service and then storage, Wollebæk tells Sunnmørsposten.
    These are older thrusters and the weight is up to sixty tons each.
    The thrusters are thus of older date, the rig on which they once stood was built twenty years ago. But this is not the first time they are in Ålesund, the Compass Azimuth thrusters were actually produced at Liaaen in their time.
  • Because we are talking about older thrusters, what has happened here is not time-critical for us. Our four were to be overhauled with us in Ulsteinvik, before they could eventually be rented out. The rig company has replaced its thrusters with new ones and they want to have these two as back up, the communications manager explains.
    Of course, the thrusters still have a value, any damage will be an insurance case.
    Kongsberg Maritime is also not responsible for shipping, it is the foreign rig company that has ordered transport.

Zooming-in on the thrusters in the hold, I can see:

  • on the left thruster, some lashings hang around
  • on the right one, no lashings are visible… but there seems to be a hole in the ballast tank too, at the same level as with the left one

If there was water in the tanks, and went into the hold, this did not improve the stability…

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The AQS TOR safely moored in Florø:

Some damages suffered during “launching”:

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Indeed a distinct lack of broken lashings, dunnage or torn off stopper plates. Will be interesting to see how they were secured when the report comes out (expect at least 6 months for before a preliminary report comes out).

NB. I’m not suggesting they were not lashed or welded down, this sort of project cargo comes with a tailor made lashing plan and usually a cargo superintendent to make sure it’s all done as per spec.

From smp.no today: (Google translated)
The Norwegian Maritime Directorate has now mainly completed port state control of “Eemslift Hendrika”.
A total of 10 orders have been issued. Most of these deal with orders to repair damage, both to equipment and more structural damage to the ship. Several of these are so-called “before sailing” orders, which involve some form of improvement before further sailing that must be approved by the class company. Temporary repairs have been carried out and approved. Other orders have follow-up “at the agreed yard”. Here we also have a good dialogue with the class company, as they will issue a speed permit for a workshop in the Netherlands, it says in a message from the Norwegian Maritime Directorate.

  • When BV has prepared new stability calculations and they have been approved, the class company will issue a speed permit which must be accepted by the Norwegian Maritime Directorate to sail to the agreed shipyard for repair of damage. This can happen within a short time, said Dag Inge Aarhus, communications director. to Sunnmørsposten yesterday

The thrusters and two of the boats that were stowed on deck has been discharged;

Linguistical note: The Norwegian word “fart” is most commonly used to mean “speed”, but in the above machine(?) translation the proper term would be “sailing”.

Thanks. Yes Google translate verbally and do not consider the double meaning of words. (or logic)

PS> If the article was in Nynorsk I would normally do corrections (if spotted)

She sailed from Ålesund at midnight bound for Harlingen:

The thrusters that was on board Eemslift Hendrika took some beating:

Site manager Geir Sundal and project leader Finn Arild Myklebust at Kongsberg Maritime in Ulsteinvik can state that the thrusters that were on board the cargo ship Eemslift Hendrika received a good deal of beatings. This week, the thrusters arrived at the finish line in Ulsteinvik. PHOTO: JORULF MYRENE

I wonder if the beating had any negative impact on gear alignment etc.

The article is behind a paywall and in Nynorsk. Google translate doesn’t handle that very well. Here is the relevant bit though:

(Google translated, with a little help)

4 of the thrusters belong to Kongsberg. They will be overhauled and kept in the reserve pool. 2 belong to the owner of the rig they came off. They will also be overhauled and kept in storage at Kongsberg Marine, Ulsteinvik.

PS> The thrusters are 25 years old and has been through several service cycles.

Amasus mv EEMSLIFT HENDRIKA almost ready to shift at the yard for launching after repairs.

Note; Aft crane is still missing.

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