Dutch owned ship Eemslift Hendrika in trouble off NW Norway

Dutch tug Atlantis (70 tbp) is heading for EH:

Maybe replacing Normand Drott (339 tbp)??

A Norwegian salvage team has taken control of the freighter Eemslift Hendrika from Delfzijl that was adrift.

A tow line has been laid with the heavy tug, Normand Drott, which can keep the ship away from the Norwegian coast, a Boskalis spokesperson reported. They hope to stabilize the ship in a fjord today.

The Eemslift Hendrika was 12 kilometers from the Norwegian coast when the towing connection was established on Wednesday evening.

The AQS workboat seems still to be seaworthy and will be salvaged as soon as the weather has improved somewhat.

Did it fall off? :wink:

My mistake. The Dutch word ‘stuurloos’ (cannot be steered or was adrift) was translated as ‘rudderless’…:innocent:


Alnes: This photo was taken at Alnes by Sunnmørsposten photographer on Thursday. PHOTO: STAALE WATTØ
From smp.no (Google translated)
The Norwegian Coastal Administration states that everything went as planned last night, and that the trailer moves for approx. 2.5 knots speed towards Breisundet outside Ålesund. It still has a few hours left before it arrives, it is stated in an update from the Norwegian Coastal Administration on Thursday morning.

The rescue crew is still on board the casualty. There is now 6 m / s wind and 3–5 meter waves.

KV ÂŤBergenÂť is included as a safety vessel.

Holder: Harbor Master Steve Hansen. Stock Photo: Staale Wattø

:Harbor Master Steve Hansen. Stock Photo: Staale Wattø

  • We stick to the plan, which is to take the boat into calmer waters, where working conditions are better. According to the plan, we will make a stop there to have the ship examined. Then the boat will go to the quay in Ålesund, Dyb told Sunnmørsposten on Thursday morning.

Harbor Master Steven Hansen confirms that the Port of Ålesund has a ready berth for the Dutch vessel.

  • We have closed off an area on Storneskaia southeast that is ready. We have also understood that examinations of the vessel must be carried out before it arrives at the quay. But the quay space is ready here in Ålesund, he says.

Calmer sea:This photo of “Eemslift Hendrika” was taken on Thursday morning. The ship apparently has a slightly smaller list. Salvage crews are still on board, and are probably doing what is possible to stabilize the vessel on its way inland. PHOTO: KV BERGEN

AQS Tor is now in Florø.
Towed in by Stadt SlovĂĽg ATA 0111 L/T:

The owner of AQS Tor has had enough excitement. Sending one of his own boat to tow the AQS Tor to their base at Kolvereid for naming ceremony and repairs.

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Was it not the Norwegian government who sent people on the vessel to connect the tow?

From what I understood Smit decided it was too dangerous to land people on the vessel yesterday and were going to wait until today, but the ship was going to run aground before then so the Norwegian government took charge of the operation and landed people on the vessel to connect the tow.

Oh boy. Was not aware of that!

The tow is now in Breisundet and the pilot has come on board:

The cargo ship, two salvage vessels and two coastguard vessels, are on their way to Ålesund, and are close to Godøya at 1 p.m.:

On the way past Godøya:This picture is from Geilevika on Thursday afternoon.
The tow has now stopped, presumably to clear the crane boom and possibly carry out some inspection.

This pier is kept available and waiting in Ålesund:

Atlantis has turned around and heading back to R’dam.

Hardy folk these Norwegians. I had never associated Norway and surfing previously. Now I know.

Some Aussies are among the regulars in Hoddevik, at Alnes and in Lofoten because of the good surf conditions.

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Yes, we have strange people too.

Or maybe fewer great whites? Ditto crocodiles, irukandji, box jellyfish, sea snakes.


Yes it is safe places to be, none of the above and fewer “floating object”.

The plan has been changed. The EH are going alongside at the Flatholmen Terminal right now.

Here seen passing north of town earlier:

Being pushed alongside by tug Buddy:

The arrival attract media interest, despite the return of winter:

Well moored and safe:

The action by Norwegian Coastal Authorities ended at 1700 hrs.


The AQS Tor in Florø:

The hookup operation yesterday:

After the crew left the ‘Eemslift Hendrika’, the scared small AQS-boat jumped over board… and made it to a protected port alone (with some help only for the last calmer miles…).
The little ‘hero’ had probably more sympathizing followers than the big ship…

Is this the plot for a new series like “Scuffy the Tugboat”?
Or is it a real life experience for lifeboat designers?

It appears that she has less of a list today:

In this picture from smp.no she appears to be level:

“Eemslift Hendrika” at the quay on Flatholmen in Ålesund, Friday 9 April. The ship seemed to be stabilized when our photographer took this picture. PHOTO: STAALE WATTØ

From smp.no today:
Kjetil Aasebø, chief of staff in the Norwegian Coastal Administration’s action management, tells Sunnmørsposten on Friday:
- Thrusters that were placed in the ship’s cargo hold were displaced towards the starboard side and gave the ship a list. We have been informed of this by the captain on board, he says.
The Norwegian Coastal Administration has also been informed that there was damage to ballast tanks on board, which caused water to enter the ship’s hold.
And two ballast tanks on board are damaged. This can be confirmed by communications director Dag Inge Aarhus.
- We have had inspectors on board the ship in Ålesund. They state that two ballast tanks in the ship are damaged, he says.
- What is the reason why these are damaged?

  • I do not have an overview of that right now. This is what our people have reported back to me so far, he answers on Friday at 12 o’clock.

Creates inspection report

Kjetil Aasebø from the Norwegian Coastal Administration will not have an opinion on whether it is common to place thrusters under the deck of a cargo vessel.
- It is not our task, he states.
The Norwegian Maritime Directorate, on the other hand, must obtain a good overview of the extent of the damage. And they state that they will carry out an inspection of the ship next Monday.

  • We will carry out a so-called port state control, we have the authority to do so in such incidents. Our job is to find out what happened and get an overview of the injuries. A report is being prepared, Aarhus warns.
    It is the flag state that according to international rules must investigate the incident, in this case it is the Netherlands.
    According to Aarhus, Bureau Veritas also assists in the work. This company takes on various assignments for the maritime business community, including working with ship inspections.
    Aarhus does not know the routines for Dutch investigations, but expects the Norwegian Maritime Directorate to be involved.
  • It is natural in such a process that they contact us, we can, for example, exchange our audit report when it is ready, says Aarhus.

Two more recent picture from smp.no:

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Indeed it was. The Dutch are even quoted as saying that they wish we’d done it sooner:

NRK article in Norwegian

Oh Google, you must stop translating like this

According to Dutch online newspapers , the salvage company Boskalis is also critical of the Norwegian authorities’ handling of the situation. They participated in the rescue, and claim it was too late.
NRK has tried repeatedly to get the leadership in Boskalis to speak, but they do not want to deepen the criticism.

Except when you read the Dutch article that NRK references, the Boscalis director says that he wishes the Norwegian authorities would have let them get on board sooner. Funny how things get lost in translation…

From smp.no today (by Google Translate):
2nd graders from Valderøy should draw for the crew: Got thanks from the Netherlands:

Class 2b at Valderøy was to make drawings and greetings, which the mayor handed over to the crew of Eemslift Hendrika.
Class 2b at Valderøy school would show consideration for the crew on “Eemslift Hendrika” after the rescue operation. (Photo: Private)
Class 2b at Valderøy school would show consideration for the crew on “Eemslift Hendrika” after the rescue operation.
It was the students themselves who came up with the idea, says Sandra Ervik Skuseth, who together with male Ljøen Hasle is the contact teacher for 2b.

  • A girl raised her hand and thought it would be nice to draw something for the crew. The students wanted to make cards and write in English. They hoped they were well and wanted to show that they were thinking of them, says Skuseth.
    The whole class was engaged at once and thought it was a great idea.
  • The commitment was huge. We watched movies from the rescue operation at the school and talked a lot about the operation. The students told what they had heard. Nore had seen the ship being towed past, and no one had a father who was in the tow, the teacher said.
    To the crew: - To the crew on ÂŤEemslift HendrikaÂť. We are happy that they are safe, write one of the students.
    To the crew:- To the crew on ÂŤEemslift HendrikaÂť. We are happy that they are safe, write one of the students.
    A large pile of drawings and greetings was handed over to the crew.
    A large pile of drawings and greetings was handed over to the crew.
    The teachers wrote a short letter with explanations and greetings from the students.
    The teachers wrote a short letter with explanations and greetings from the students.
    Since we live on the coast, it is natural that the students are preoccupied with boating. The rescue operation became a major topic that day. The students drew, the contact teachers wrote on the board, the students came up with suggestions and translated into English.
    Giske mayor Harry Valderhaug received the drawings and handed them to the crew.
  • When I handed over the greetings, it was clear that these greetings were both warm and were greatly appreciated by a crew that has been exposed to a particularly demanding emergency situation, Valderhaug said.
  • The captain said that he hoped that these drawings could have a good place on board the Eemslift Hendrika, as a good memory from the stay in Giske municipality and for all the care they received after this particularly tough event out at sea.
    The drawings were well received.

    The drawings were well received.
    The drawings and the care from the students were well received. And already there have been thoughtful and nice words in return, also on Facebook, from people in the Netherlands.
    In fact, Kari Vatne, parish priest in Borgund, received a question from a friend who is a priest in the Netherlands if she could not convey a thank you for the heartwarming words and drawings.
    Turid Urkedal Valderhaug, Petra Riste Synnes, Benjamin Bjørnsen Anda - kan dere bringe denne takken fra Nederland videre til Valderøy barneskole fra min venn der?

Ingen bildebeskrivelse er tilgjengelig.

Kan vĂŚre et bilde av tekst

Riekie Buter


Hartverwarmende reactie van de kinderen van de Valderøy barneskule in Noorwegen voor de bemanning van de Eemslift Hendrika.
Heartwarming messages and drawings from the students of the Valderøy Barneskule in Norway for the crew of the Eemslift Hendrika. Thank you!!!

#valderøy #eemslifthendrika #valderøybarneskule

  • It is clear that this was appreciated, says Vatne.
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