Dual ratings gone?

Qmed on this Hos boat said you can not have dual ratings anymore. So if you are an AB you could not get a qmed rating. You have to choose which one you want. Is that correct info? I don’t think it is.

Just squirt him with a spray bottle filled with a vinegar water mixture & he’ll leave you alone.


Off the top of my head, I believe to get a qmed you have to work as a wiper in the engine room. Working as an A/B on deck will not count towards qmed time, at least not 100% of it

Gotta love it.
They way some interpret things, especially in the osv world and culture, is comical.
Ask him to show the nvic backing that up.


No I understand the sea time. What he was saying is you can not hold qmed if you hold a deck rating. So even if you did time as a wiper and submitted your time the coast guard would come back and say you have to pick a rating either engine or deck. Thats were I was like wtf is that bull shit

Yeah no… that’s not the case. You can tell him he’s perhaps confused.

That is pure bull shit. Whomever said that didn’t know what he was talking about.

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If someone is turning in wiper time, i can understand why they wouldn’t be approved for AB, just like if an OS applied for qmed.

I have held both deck and engine licenses and ratings for 10+ years and the uscg has yet to tell me i need to pick one or the other.

Now maybe he meant to say you can only use your seatime for one i.e. someone going for dde 1000/4000/unlimited can use up to a quarter of deck time or 180 days (whichever is less) towards a dde. If they were to do that, they can’t reuse that time towards another.

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