Can't find an answer online - Deck Time for QMED

Can anyone give me an example of an up to date cfr that says a percentage of my deck time can be used towards qmed? The cfr I’m reading doesn’t mention it. I have enough deck time to go get an AB special but I really want to go engine room. I’m in GOM right now and I’m pretty sure my sea time letter is just gonna say OS. Some of those QMED classes sub as 90 days worth of engine room time, they just cost more. I like my company but if I can’t get wiper time I’ll have to take a different route.

First thing I typically do is look at the checklist page on the NMC website. The checklist always cites the relevant CFRs,

The specific checklist for QMED doesn’t have a provision for using deck time so it doesn’t look like it’s an option for you.

Title 46 §12.503 lists the specific sea service requirements for QMED and it doesn’t have a provision for deck time either, just the courses you already know about.

Sorry I can’t be more help to you there. I would suggest you talk to your Captain and Chief about your situation first and then talk to your crew coordinator. If you’re a good hand and really want the job somebody ought to be able to put you in the position to get the sea time you need.

Good luck!

There is none, deck time cannot be used for QMED. When service in another department is allowed, it will be specifically stated in the service requirements for the endorsement. See e.g. 46 CFR 11.407(a)(1).

Mr Cavo, if the time is 6 months as DEU, wouldn’t that qualify as time for QMED?

No. You will need something that identifies how much time was spent in each department. It is possible, but I am not positive, the default is to assume 50% in each. You will not get full credit.

Another option would be to forget getting a qmed and gain documented unlicensed engineer time, which can be used towards a DDE. You can use some deck time towards a DDE.


Thanks for the replies guys. I’m gonna go get my AB at la batre just to have it for the increased day rate. I’ll ask the office about any wiper positions. My coordinator ain’t all that receptive or responsive, guess he’s a busy man. Deckineer on those crew boats is an option too. Any one have any experience doing that? It kinda worries me when they smash 2 roles together like that and the hp isn’t over 4000.

Pretty sure as long as you are getting time on boats with a ‘walk-in’ engine room over 1000hp, you should be good getting a DDE. Other than that hp on vessels served doesn’t matter for DDE.
Serving as a ‘deckineer’, if you can just have the office call you ‘engineer’ and you are carrying out watchkeeping duties and maintenance in the sealetter. ALTHOUGH you have deck duties as well, you need to avoid the deckhand word in the letter so it doesn’t befuddle the goal.

I’ve always wondered how deckineer time gets credited by the NMC, and how are “deckineer’s” listed on the COI/safe manning certificate?