Drowning Doesn't Look Like Drowning

[caption id=“attachment_10988” align=“aligncenter” width=“425” caption=“Drowning? Not likely.”][/caption]The new captain jumped from the cockpit, fu… Click HERE to read the full blog article.

thank you…this is good information…never witnessed a drowning only the bloated results!!

This is an interesting useful article. Thank you for posting this valuable information.


I watched a child drown for a few minutes once and can attest to the silence. I think this is an article every parent should read!

(I know what some of your are thinking… how could I watch a child drown and do nothing? Right? Well I didn’t jump in because a few people were closer to the victim than me and I [I][B]did not[/B][/I] want to loose sight of him… he was recovered unharmed.)

I would likely have to watch as well, since I am not a swimmer. I would end up being another victim to rescue.

Priceless info, thanks for sharing!

Thank you for sharing this, this is information that might well save a life. Years ago I saw a video of actual near drownings produced by the head of life guards in New york city that went into great detail about this. I have never been able to find a copy of it,if anyone knows where to find it please post the info here. :cool:

Truely sobering article that should be made into a video news release - visuallizing this would be so educational. For the general public, boating fans, parents, life guards, etc. Thanks for posting it!

thanks. I spent 7 years as an ocean lifeguard and saw more than a few drownings in progress. The hardest ones to spot were on the bay beaches where non swimmers would step off the ledge. I remember one day dashing into the water and pulling this guy out. His hat was floating on the surface and he was bouncing off the bottom. When I got to him he was very thankful but embarassed. Made sure he let me know that normally he could “swim like a motherfucker” and didn’t know what happened. Another thing I noticed is the victim hardly ever really fights with you. They’re exhausted beyond belief.

The videos in New York were made by Frank Pia (mentioned in the article), my co-author in the On-Scene magazine article - and the guy who taught me most of what I know about recognizing drowning (along with my water safety mentor, James Corry). Pia’s video can be ordered for $60.00 US at the bottom of this link: