Drillship aground in Aransas Pass

anyone know what ship this is? all I can say is how on earth did such a large vessel come adrift but more so, how lucky the owners are that is did not roll on her side right in the middle of the channel? the Port of Corpus Christi might have ended closed for six months while the derrick was removed and the hull righted!

A drillship which grounded during Hurricane Harvey blocks the channel to the port of Corpus Christi at Port Aransas, Texas, Aug. 26, 2017. As of Tuesday the drillship was still aground.

as it is, looks like she will need some dewatering and then a tow back to a dock

It’s the Paragon DPDS1. Harvey blew it off the dock even with 2 tugs trying to help keep it alongside.

ARRRGGGHHHH! The miserable POS former FRONTIER PHOENIX…why on earth is that ship not been consigned to Alang already?

That’s probably it’s next stop now, or maybe a short trip down to B’Ville.

Is that the drillship that crushed the Signet Enterprise?

Correct. It is supposed to go to Brownsville at some point.


About time. She has changed hands a few times since she came off the building yard at Greenock in 1979 as the Pacnorse I for Jebsen Drilling. She was the second to last of the Gusto designed Pelican Class: http://www.shipspotting.com/gallery/photo.php?lid=883670

I have attended this one many times over the years, both as Pelegrine II, Frontier Phoenix and Noble Phoenix. Last visit was in Singapore during docking at Keppel Benoi and subsequent departure to Brasil in 2011.
She arrived in the dock as Frontier Phoenix:

And left as Noble Phoenix:

Looks like as big of a heap as the Noble Discoverer. Time to make it razor blades.

That’s some serious windage. There’s a ship that broke away in hurricane Ike in 2008 just off the 610 bridge in the Houston Ship channel. Tugs managed to control it. It could have ended badly. The channel was packed and water rose well above the wharves.