Drilling Company Comparisons

There is a lot of talk on here about different OSV companies’ pay rates but no one ever discusses drilling companies.

I think the most useful information would be a comparison of benefits: 401k contribution, health benefit quality, short term and long term disability quality, perks like use of high bandwidth internet and satellite phone, and anything else worth noting.

let’s just keep in simple…shall we?



Don’t you work for Noble?

[QUOTE=Capt. Phoenix;68748]Don’t you work for Noble?[/QUOTE]

I’m sorry but I don’t understand English well…can you ask that question in Uzbeki please?

I moved to Noble from Helix (and before Helix a long time at Seacor) in Sept 2011 and I have not looked back. I enjoy Noble and would recommend the company to anyone.

To quote c.capt on feb 28…

"On the contrary my mon ami, I expect to get another brand new ship now…having already delivered one successfully under my belt for Noble and a DP certificate, I am a more than confident that I’ll be moving up. "

Sounds like it didn’t work out?

[QUOTE=rigdvr;68769]Sounds like it didn’t work out?[/QUOTE]

No sir it didn’t, but no matter, I am in Singapore again as master on a better vessel making more money and with a company who knows that the maritime aspect of operating a vessel is as important as the function of the ship. That my friend is something that Noble Drilling has no clue of and shows no sign of finding anytime soon. I am glad to be done with such a backwards draconian bunch and recommend them to no one who is able to find employment with any other company. Noble Drilling’s HR department is particularly backwards and unable to appreciate the marine people they have, but drilling hands are revered. Such is the world of drilling but Noble is the worst of the bunch. Besides they pay at least 20% less than TO, offer a shitty medical plan (very few in network providers), have terrible 401K matching (only 2% & 3 years to be able to keep it), have the lowest longevity bonus of any drilling company, only pay $100/day for training, do not arrange transportation for GoM crews (they don’t even offer a crewchange van from the NoLa airport to Boothville), are 3on/3off. Every other deepwater drilling company if better than ND imo.


Sounds like a whole different tune than 2 months ago when you said you had nothing bad to say. Now after being run off you sound like every other disgruntled ex employee from any company…

In my experience:

  1. Every company has its good points and it’s bad points.

  2. A negative person will always find things to gripe about. And then gripe loudly. A lot. Loudly.

  3. A mature professional in a critical leadership position will focus on the positive in order to maintain an effective and happy team.


[QUOTE=rigdvr;68774]Sounds like a whole different tune than 2 months ago when you said you had nothing bad to say. Now after being run off you sound like every other disgruntled ex employee from any company…[/QUOTE]

and eff you too pal

besides, I cannot shit anymore on Noble than the fine reputation it already has stained itself with in the deepwater drilling industry. Those who can, don’t work for them…case closed.

They are just a chapter in a long career and one I have closed and started another.

Do you need to comment further?


Then what’s that say about the caliber of mariner one must be to get run off from a company like that?



I’m Noble and much happier here as Captain than I was sailing Master in the MM&P. So are a lot of guys. Yeah, it may not be the greatest company, but they have done right by me and I will support them and help them grow into a better deep sea outfit than they are today. If this turns into a stepping stone for a higher paid position with another company than so be it. The HR Department has grasped what we are requesting of them as far as personnel (two way communication goes a lot farther than complaining to your work buds), and they are getting a Marine Department going. The support is there, you just need to figure out how to get it, which is a challenge, but it is there. Benefits may not be the greatest, and I would prefer to actually do 28/28 or even 35/35 vs 21/21, but it’s my choice to work here so I accept that. May not have gold lined decks and manna falling from the heavens like other companies, but they sure have a lot of employees and are building towards the future so plenty of guys at pre-tour meetings with advancement on their minds and great work ethic and attitudes to get there in all departments, including the marine. Anyone have any questions about working here, feel free to PM me.

[QUOTE=jjbone;68806]I’m Noble and much happier here as Captain than I was sailing Master in the MM&P.[/QUOTE]

just know sir that there may well come a time when Noble will tell you to eat a shit sandwich and you’ll have to decide if they are worth eating it for? You will then discover that Noble Drilling’s offerings is not ambrosia you speak of and is rather quite the opposite. Forget any credit for past efforts too btw…

Some people love to eat shit and some refuse to. I count myself with the latter.

One of the good things able Noble is that they can hire someone without 0 days drilling rig experience, as where some companies require a certain amount of time on the rigs.

Any one willing to mention any other companies benefits and perks?

I work for Vantage… I believe we get decent pay, very good health insurance at low cost (my wife’s c-sec and after birth charges for my daughter were billed at over 23k and we owe about $1500), I get 6% matching 401k and disability benefits, paid training and travel… A brand new MODERN ship with great people onboard and in the office… I’m glad that I made the switch to drilling and came to work for Vantage… Now I need to get ready for my tour.

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Do you guys have wifi on the ship? If so, is it decent bandwidth?

What about phone use offshore?