Dress Code for MSC Job fair?

They must give you a smile back when they see you don’t have any pants on!:smiley:

You can’t go wrong by dressing up. It shows that you are serious about getting the job. If spiffing up makes you have a positive attitude and project that to others then by all means do it. I think it will have no bearing whatsoever on whether you get hired or not. MSC contracts out their recruiting and pays to get filled-in applications, not seamen. The contractor has no vested interest other than fulfilling their quotas. If you have the appropriate credentials and fill in the blanks correctly you’ll be hired. These days your record also needs to be pretty clean and you’ll need to have good credit. I’m sorry you are out of work…good luck!

Despite some of the comments above…(albeit some really funny, and some really true!!)…most of the genuine responses are right on par. Dont sweat the suit and tie deal, chances are it will be some BS…GS employee who has never stepped foot on a ship, or you might get lucky and get a soon to be retired Capt/Mate or Eng who cant pass medical and needs some more days…they’ll most likely be wearing a MSC polo shirt and dockers.

Wear the same and you’ll be fine.