Dr. Sammy Ray


“Dr. Sammy Ray, a world-renowned marine biologist and one of the founders of Texas A&M University at Galveston, died here earlier today at age 94”

I know he was not apart of the license program, but rather the scientific program on campus, Dr. Sammy Ray has been around the academy and pelican island since the inception of TAMUG. I’m sure many academy graduates over the decades have seen him or know of him in some form and fashion. Just last week I saw him walking around campus.

President Loftin from main campus said, “Sammy was a dear friend and colleague. I admired him not only as an extraordinary researcher, teacher and mentor, but also as one committed to exciting young people about science. He created Sea Camp, a program that has literally touched thousands of children and helped them channel their natural curiosity to pursue education and careers in science. He will be missed, but he leaves an incredible legacy for the entire world.”

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He was also a veteran of the Pacific Island campaigns, serving as a navy corpsman attached to the marines, and was on special assignment to the the Smithsonian while simultaneously serving in the combat zone. He catalogued species on the Pacific Islands after the landings, and shipped the specimens and his field notes back to the Smithsonian, all the while serving with his combat unit. The man is really worth reading about.