TAMUG Degree of Transportation

Applied to TAMUG and TMA recently, I already have a BS from Auburn, interested in the marine trans degree, I was told if my courses transfer I could get thru the licensing courses and sea time in 3 years. Does anyone know someone that’s done this?

Yea that sounds about right. I just graduated from there. If you’ve already got a degree, then you’ll be able to use prior credit to get out of all the general english, math, etc courses. You’ll probably just have to take a texas gov’t course required by the state and then all the maritime courses. Should have no problem getting out in 3.

Congrats on graduation, did you get that degree or at least one with a license option? If so what are your employment options

Yeah that sounds right. Im coming in this fall with 60+ hours, and they said the minimum time required is 3 years, and that some of your time could be used going for a masters since most of your basics are covered. I believe the reason for 3 years is a coast guard requirement to be involved in the "cadet lifestyle for a certain amount of time as well as the required cruises.

Thx. I got a BS in Marine Transportation for Texas A&M and a 3/M Unlimited license. You can go and work pretty much anywhere, though a lot of tma guys stay in the GOM doing supply boats/rigs. I got a job offer with MSC before I graduated and am leaving for training on Aug 20th in Norfolk.

You won’t be able to get a masters at TMA, just another bachelors degree. The only masters degree offered at the school is one in marine biology. You’ll still have to wear the uniform, go to formation and all that, but should be able to live off campus.

Looks like three master degrees will be available this fall according to their web page.
Marine Biology - Masters (thesis and non-thesis) and Ph.D.
Master of Marine Resources Management (MARM)

New Master of Maritime Administration and Logistics degree program to open in fall 2011

Ya that’s what I read online it will be interesting to find out what I could qualify for

Bcooksey you coming in this fall?

I just applied, so I’ll know in a few weeks. But ya if I’m accepted I’ll start this fall.

Ya that’s what I read online it will be interesting to find out what I could qualify for

You can get through in 3 years for sure. The school isnt that hard. If you find the classes hard then I would consider something else. There is a huge drop out rate due to cadets not being able to handle life at sea. Also, if you do end up going to school here, focus on your studies first and the corps second. You will gain better leadership skills getting A’s than dealing with the corps treating you like a child. But like everything in life, it is what you make out of it. Good luck to yall with everything and message me if you need help.

i got out in 2.5 years and there was one other person that did this as well. slipped through that crack quite nicely. you dont need good grades or a super cadet attitude to get through the school, you just need to be able to put up with a ton of BS. that being said, if you CANT get good grades you are doing it wrong. its a damn easy degree.

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you mean training facility? Same as the last one. ready to get my assignment. Hoping to get on a boat thats going to be coming over from the med in the next couple of months.