Accepted at TMA


I’m not sure what to type other than I’m interested in a pat on the back telling me things will be okay. I’m a bit nervous. My goal has always been to work offshore so I switched from medical undergraduate to Petroleum Engineering Technology at Houston Community College. Even before the fall of the gasoline market I was seeing the limitations of the Associates degree. I am really unhappy with the program as they have zero hands on education so when looking at Universities I knew I would want something hands on. I have a 4.0 so I can basically go into any program I want, but I found TAMUG because it had offshore programs.

I initially applied at TMA for the Engineering program, but after sitting through the tour and doing more research on Victor company I applied for Marine Transportation instead opting to be above deck versus below deck. Also A&M is advertising nearly a 100% placement rate after completing the degree. I am currently accepted into TMA pending physical and acceptance into Victor company.

The only other University I would be interested in would be CSUM as I use to live in California dealing cards which was a good living, but I think it should be easy for me to find a college job in Galveston. I just don’t want to dig a hug grave for myself just in case the degree does fall though I’m going to be 30 when I start the program 33-34 at completion.

Money really was never my motivation I made money in casinos not a lot but a comfortable living. I just wanted a job offshore the lure of 1 for 1 scheduling. I’m good at academics, but at the same time I don’t care for it myself being a vocational person, but I don’t think doing the vocational thing is the right thing to do as San Jacinto Community College will certify you to be a Qualified Seaman. Other than that I don’t know shit about the ocean, I mean I have been on boats, but no one will take me offshore and finding even an entry level petroleum position is nearly impossible at this point. I have applied for all of the limited internship opportunities and hopefully this will help steer me in the future.

Was the 80k and 3-4 years of your life worth the investment? I’m going to go either way, but hearing from other people would make me feel better about it. I think that this is an exciting opportunity and I can’t wait to start the program. If you went to TMA were you able to work at the same time. I work 40 hours a week as a security guard seems like a standard college job, and I can study at work usually as it is pretty laid back I guess I have just got comfortable where I am at.

I was considering buying a piece of rental property on the south side a bit before Galveston has anyone else done anything familiar while investing time in the program.

Not sure if you’re looking for advice, but if you are, I’d say this:

  1. Focus on being the best student you can possibly be. Don’t be happy with mediocre, find a way to excel.
  2. Make friends.
  3. Focus on the end goal. If you want to buy property and go into real estate, focus on that. But don’t try and focus on starting a career offshore at the same time. Choose one or the other and do it well.
  4. The oilfield doesn’t care about excuses. It cares about hard work and getting shit done.

You done good.

So what’s your question?