DPO Technical Interview

Does anyone know what is involved in a technical Interview for a DPO on Semi sub?

The generic mindset and hierarchy of a semi-sub differs slightly from a drillship in the fact that it is more oilfield first, maritime second. A lot of DP semi-subs still utilize the jackup organizational chart / positions (plant supervisor, BCOs, etc.) so it would be good to understand the terminology and their ship equivalent. A lot of semisubs (depending on their flag) don’t even require licensed engineers and the engine management is located on the bridge / control room…so there may also be some power management questions. One of the big differences for obvious reasons on a semi-sub is the stability. On a drillship you may have to ballast a few times a week, whereas a semi may require constant ballasting. The opposite can be said about heading changes, as the surface area presented by a drillship requires much more frequant changes than a semisub. Good luck!

you most likley will be running the power management therefore you might get questions like:
what is the difference between KVA and KVAr?
describe 'power factor’
etc etc.

Most of the technical interviews are basic for a dpo. There will be general questions about what dp systems you have used. Have you used a power management system before and what type. There will probably be some safety questions involved, all drilling companies want to know your experience and stand on hse type questions. You will probably have a question in regards to fire and safety procedures, and your roll. I have given these interviews to dpos before and those are the types of questions one would ask. We look for your clear and concise answers, how you communicate and your attitude is big.