DPO Flotel Interview advice

Hi All,

I have been lucky enough to gain an interview for a company operating DP Semi-sub Flotels, I have a fair amount of experience on standard DP vessels and have been employed on PSVs and ROV support vessels for a couple of years as DPO. The interview I imagine will cover actions on different emergencies or weather conditions and I would have no trouble answering them from a standard vessel point of view, but I have no experience at all of semi-subs or flotels.

Can anyone give me some pointers on actions I could take in the event of loss of position or heading on a semi-sub which is attached by a bridge to a platform. Plus if anyone has any publications I can download from the net that I can read prior to the interview that would also be great

Many thanks in advance for any help


Hey, if you get information on the other hand, please share it here.

Thank you! Good luck in your interview!