In-depth DPO Training

Can I get some recommendations for DP training centers that will provide some intensive training? I have my unlimited DPO from the Nautical Institute, but as many of you know, if you don’t use it you lose it. I’d like to try and move up from the mud boat career path. I don’t have a particular goal, but the service side of the oil field like the maintenance boats with cranes for subsea, and/or well intervention vessels. Not looking to go to drill ships. Stuck in a rut and would probably embarrass myself at a minimum if I did get a shot for position. My experience with the training that comes with the license and certification track is that it’s canned to a great extent, so I don’t think retaking the advanced class is going to give me the exposure that I’m looking for. I don’t really care about the location, just high quality oil field related instruction that would stand out in an interview. Like to take my skills to the next level.

Most schools do the reval course to keep you up to date, learning outcomes much dependent on who the instructor is.
if you can use a multimeter do the engineering course ( at a vendor school)
Know and understand DGPS very well, you can learn that online
If I was onboard your boat and said point to the correction satellite could you do it?
Why would I ask and why is that important?
Can you find the HDOP on the console ( yes every DP system shows that via the dgps input string.)
No such thing as modeling its all PID control loops
Understand all that and your way in front of most for your interview

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