DP Endorsement?

I’m from Houston and a recent academy grad. I have joined a union and have been waiting for over a month on a ship, and realized it may be awhile. I’m considering on going to school to get a DP Endorsement to qualify for some jobs in the gulf. While looking around i saw there are multiple DP courses which confused me, and left me wondering how to obtain the classes to quailfy for these 3/M DP jobs. I was wondering what exact course do i have to take to get the endorsement and also what school in the area should i attend?

There are 2 classes, induction and advanced. How it supposed to work is you take the induction course, serve time on a dp vessel accumulating the required time/experience, and then you return to advanced class. After that you fulfill further dp time requirements until you qualify for the cert. Whether you get a limited or unlimited cert depends on the dp systems you fulfill your time requirements with.

You have L3 in Houston Tx, Beier Radio in Bell Chasse LA, and Houston Marine in New Orleans LA.
If you are paying for the class yourself I would recommend Beier Radio they are the most economical one. I believe they ask for $1,500.00 per class.

Good luck!