Is a DPO Induction class worth it

Is it worth it to take a DPO induction class and pay for it myself? After I take it would a company pick me up and pay for the rest of the DPO certification?

I took the DP Induction class last year on my own nickel. The company that kept passing me over because I didn’t have a DPO certificate hired me immediately. They have since put me through the DP simulator class and I am well on my way to having the 180 days needed for the certificate. Long story short, it worked for me. I recommend Beier radio for the class. They have a website, the instructors name is Maurice George and he will work with you on price if you are paying yourself. It is a significant discount too. Hope this helps.

I took the Kongsberg dpo intro course down in Houston back in December and it got me nothing and it was expensive. Whats funny is that companies like transocean or Pride would rather hire straight out of the Academy and train them in house then hire experienced mates with certs. Oh well.

My 2-cents for what it’s worth. If you shell out the money for a DP Intro class, it will “show” a prospective employer that you are serious about learning and not just wanting to get hired on with them so they can pay for your education in DP. I have seen many academy grads get hired on, only to leave after they upgraded to 2nd Mate and have the DP Unlimited cert. It is a costly gamble though. And I believe the prices are all around the same.

CaptFL hit the nail on the head! You might not get ont he big rigs but it will sure help get you in the door with a boat company. It is no guarantee but it will certainly move you closer to the hiring end of the line.

Thanks everyone for your input