DP certificate equivalency training in CG

Alot of jobs out there I see require DPOs with DP certificates. In the Coast Guard we have newer ships with DP and have training schools to operate the system. My question is, would that Coast Guard DP school equal to the maritime DPO training? Here is the training description:


“This 15-day course includes the 4-day Machinery Plant Control and Monitoring System (MPCMS) operator course (CGC-213) curriculum and provides an overall integration of the various system components into one functioning system. The target audience consists of the Coast Guard Officer and Boatswain’s Mate attached to the 225’ WLB (Juniper Class) buoy tenders. This course will provide the student with extensive training in the use of Electronic Chart Precise Integrated Navigation System (ECPINS), Dynamic Positioning System (DPS), and Integrated Ship’s Control System (ISCS) procedures. Also included is a short section on the application of Electronic Chart Display Information System (ECDIS) as a navigation system and the Coast Guard Navigation Standards as they apply to the WLBs.”

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Probaly not, you have to go through the nautical institute for your DP certification. Perhaps some of the CG time, training etc. will cross over but I have not heard yet. Check out IDPAO website, they will have alot more on the subjuct I imagine.

i think not as well, regardless of how illogical it might be. right now the hot ticket to have for top $$ is the unlimited DP cert issued by the nautical institute in the UK. companies who may be willing to pay this high $$ only want that certificate.
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Just like the USCG, the DP courses have to be The Nautical Institute Accredited DP Training Provider. Otherwise, the DP course will not be recognized by The Nautical Institute. A suggestion since the USCG has DP vessels would be to talk with the powers to be in HQ and inquire about becoming an accredited DP training provider. The Nautical Institutemight give some credit on the seatime, but that question would have to asked to them (dp@nautinst.org). Check out The IDPOA (International Dynamic Positioning Operators Association) web site.


Thanks for the info. I’ll check out the sites. I didnt think so either, had to make sure. The CG is always at least a decade behind the rest of the industry when if comes to technology so even the DP on our vessels is probably outdated anyway.

A company doesn’t HAVE TO REQUIRE a NI DP Cert, they just do to make sure they have gotten some already trained (on someone elses dollar). If and when you get out of the USCG and you have well documented DP skills, a company can choose to hire you even without the NI DP Cert. Requireing a NI DP Cert is a training dollars shell game practiced by the companies that want to spend as few $$ as possible to train their employees. The scheme is supported by those that hold the NI DP Cert to keep the newbie DP operators to a minimum, there by keeping the wages at a high level while keeping supply of new operators at a low level. It’s simple supply-and-demand job security for NI and those already holding the NI DP Cert. That’s my thoery, AND I’ve read as much on DP Operator Blogs.
In any event, have your USCG Training Command that is model manager for your DP course contact NI and see about having the couse approved by them; and then possibly fold the Coasties into the DP Training and Record Book scheme. If an NI or NI-type cert gets required by STCW, (which will probably happen IMO), then that’s a whole new ball of wax…it’ll be exactly what the DP Schools and “certifying agencies” want, more forced training on the Mariner, more dollrs for them.
Let the arrows fly!!!

I would check with the NI to see if they will accept your Coast Guard Buoy Tender DP watchstanding time. In my opinion sea service time shouldn’t really matter whether it is commercial or military.
The NI approved training classes and operators log book are what matter. Also, someone correct me if I am wrong, don’t the Europeans have a few Naval or Coast Guard vessels with DP systems. If so maybe the NI has a system in place for them?

You would still have to take the week long Induction/Basic class and then get your 30 days of DP Familiarisation. The required DP Sea Serive is an additional 180 days of DP time, which can be a combination of DP service Before or After the first class. The second class the Simulator / Advanced class must be taken at least 30 DP days later. Lastly, you must complete an additional 30 days of DP service for your DP certificate.

I heard the CG Buoy Tenders use a DP I system, which would get you a restricted DP I cert. at first. Not to worry, you can get hired and obtain a DP II Unlimited with a few extra months of service.
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So my understanding is that I could still get a job as a DPO without the School but as long as I have documented experience?