DOT Inspector General Fired and replaced by Political appointee to disrupt investigation into favoritism

Swampy, with a hint of bourbon.


All is well in the state of Denmark…


Is there anyone who is surprised at this latest assault on decency, honesty, and good government?

The gaslighting boilers are working at full pressure. When will it explode?

Late in the night of November 3rd. Unless of course the Supreme Court no longer even pretends to be independent of political influence.


Or should I say: There is something rotten in the state of Denmark. With thanks to Hamlet.

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A little more on the Bao May and her sister ships, some 16 to 20 more 180,000 DWT in the fleet. In 1991 at Jiangnan Shipyard there were two of these built and by 2002, 6 more “Capesize Ships”. (the largest dry cargo vessels in the world were commissioned to be built). This took place starting at the Waigaqiao Shipyard in Shanghai China. Then 2014, 6 more of the 180K DWT ships were ordered from the Quingdao Beihai Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Company. These builders are all Government controlled and these last ships cost 55 Million dollars each.

These are largely Chinese crews and they operate out of Chinese ports to carry raw materials in and out of China. Their clients are not only Western companies like Cargill, but Chinese Heavy Industries tied in with the Chinese Military Industrial Complex.

James Chao (Mitch McConnell’s wife’s Father) and Angela Chao were appointed to the board of directors (just as the US Senate was taking up sensitive legislation concerning China.(in 2017) The Chao’s names were listed as “Chinese names” so those in the west would not readily realize who they were. (James Choi = Zhao Xicheng and Angela Chao = Xhao Anji) CSSC (Chinese State Shipbuilding Corporation) and the Chao’s were involved
with CSSC Holding…an offshoot which raised private capital for the Chinese Shipbuilding
defense industries… It was fully subsidized by the Chinese Government. CSSC is at the heart of the Chinese Military Industrial Complex.

Mitch & Elaine McConnell do not have a direct ownership stake in James Chao’s shipping company (Foremost Group) but they are beneficiaries. In 2008 they received a gift ranging between 5 to 25 million dollars. (it more tan doubled Mitch’s wealth) They stand to receive other gifts too. It goes beyond shipping. Elaine has given speeches in China to Chinese Government entities for years ranging $50,000 per speech. (The McConnell’s will not release this information) Also, ,she has corporate relationships as a board member with some of the Chinese Corporations. This is unprecedented in American Political History.

During 2016 Angela Chao was appointed to the Bank of China as a Board Member. China’s banks are strong and tightly linked with the Chinese Government. Further they are an affiliate of the Communist Party. With the Chao family so linked with the Chinese Government how can this not affect Mitch McConnell’s views on China.

Item: Jaing Zemien (former Chinese President) was a classmate of James Chao) Zemien arranged for Mitch McConnell thru James Chao a meeting with the Chinese Shipbuilding Industry, Zemien the Chinese President. This a month after Mitch married Elaine Chao in 1993. At this time China was isolated internationally. (just after Tiananmen Square incident) This was a private meeting for McConnell, nothing to do with American Government) Since that time McConnell has avoided any kind of public criticism of China.

Remember, it is China’s stated ambition to be #1 Super Power by 2030. (and USA #2)

Source: “Secret Empires” by Peter Shweier 2018 pages 75 thru 89 (chapter 5)

Gee, think there is any connection?

Elaine Chao and Admiral Buzby have been a breath of fresh air to Marad, despite family ties. Consider the past alleged “Performers”.

Should note that Peter Schweizer (author of the above quoted “Secret Empires”) is also senior editor-at-large of Breitbart News. As I have not read the book I can not make any judgement on its accuracy or whether it is factual or not but I do suspect it is likely ideologically driven.

Aside from the above comments, Schweizer his book “Throw Them All Out” about members of Congress and Insider Trading was independently verified by CBS in a 60 Minutes story.

Interesting observation. Recently even Ann Coulter called Trump a “Jack Ass”. I saw that in Yahoo: )

This book is voluminously foot noted (almost 80 pages of footnotes) And it is not just Trump…he goes after the Dem’s with equal zeal…which I, for one, can appreciate
Once upon a time this is what Newspaper Journalist pursued to inform the public.
On the back of the book is a positive statement by “The Washington Times”. (which leans Conservative)

Schweizer is a co-founder and president of “The Government Accountability Institute” where there is a team of investigative researchers & journalist. They are into exposing crony capitalism, misuse of tax payers monies, and other Governmental corruption & malfeasance. (again this may bear some bias and I haven’t investigated it at this time)
I don’t know if it leans Libertarian or not. I only hope he is more true to America than to party politics.

It seems to me the Trump Presidency is beginning to experience some of the same early disloyalties Hitler’s Third Reich experienced.

I am sure nothing surprises you RC.Joe. Me neither. Gonna vote for whomever tells the best fibs.


Yes, that’s generally the way it winds up. The money & oligarchy have the leverage to deliver their candidate to the General election. So many times I’ve voted wishing someone I voted for in the primary could have made it to the General. By then it’s up to the Electoral College to give us the best of the two.

So you can see why the Electorial College is such a prize for the Oligarch’s to control.

And why we need to abolish it. Let voters vote and make bribery a crime again.

The founding fathers knew exactly what they were doing with the electoral college. I shudder to think that the country would be ruled by NYC, LA and Chicago. The only time the left had a problem with the electoral college is when hillery couldn’t win an election that was rigged in her favor.


How soon they forget…the left had a huge problem with the 2000 election, when they also lost even though they had the most votes.

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100,000 Americans couldn’t be reached for comment.

Someone hasn’t been reading history, or even the history in other threads on the EC… the first EC called for election of electors who would put down two names with no position, winner gets to be President, second place Vice President no matter which parties. Didn’t work so awesome. When Aaron Burr switched parties nominally to try for President, and was working the system, this almost led to his election. The EC was an idea, but you could only test it in operation and when Washington wasn’t up for the gig, it turned out there were a lot of bugs getting consensus, and a lot of opportunity for scheming.

Following the election, people began to think about what improvements were necessary and still do. National election by popular vote is popular and polls popularly. The advocates who would avoid being ruled by the majorities of cities thinking the rule by minorities of county advocate the least democratic of thinking and to disastrous effect. As Hamilton wrote to another founder in 1802:

“Surely the scene of last session ought to teach us the intrinsic demerits of the existing plan. It proved to us how possible it is for a man in whom no party had confidence, and who deserved the confidence of none, by mere intrigue and accident, to acquire the first place in the government of our nation; and it also proves to us how serious a danger of convulsion and disorder is incident to the plan. On this point things have come to my knowledge, improper for a letter, which would astonish you. Surely, we ought by this time to have learnt that whatever multiplies the opportunities and means of cabal, is more favorable to our adversaries than to us. They have certainly the advantage in the game by greater zeal, activity, and subtlety, and especially by an abandonment of principle. On all these accounts it is our true policy to abridge the facilities to cabal as much as possible in all our public institutions and measures. As to the second of the amendments, it has ever appeared to me as sound principle to let the federal government rest, as much as possible, on the shoulders of the people, and as little as possible on those of the State Legislatures.“

(Where he speaks of cabal, he means partisan gaming, in this case between the Federalists and Anit-Federalists, and the second amendment is not the Second Amendment, but a second amendement among a few proposed to amend the Constitution submitted in 1802.)

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Orange man bad… reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Well, I mean, he is, but the point of the thread is the lawless corruption, and the immediate preceding post to yours is that the electoral college isn’t what injunear thinks it is, and how often many folks get the history wrong using original source material to prove the claim. I’ve recently been told that I’m a leftist troll by a rightist troll and fit the posts found on other sites, which I can only hope are filled with actual original sources like the Federalist or founders correspondence instead of claims about ‘most historians’ like right-y trolls use.

Bad recollections about American history and especially the founders always remind me of this(satire from 2009):

Have a great weekend everybody.