Does working as an OS while a cadet count toward sea time?

Current cadet working toward a 3M Unlimited and looking to earn some decent money this summer. If I work on a ship as an OS/deckhand instead of a cadet, does my OS time count toward sea days? I know it won’t count as a project but I’m not worried about that.

More than half my time is on ships of 1600grt or greater on oceans. Does this mean I can also get on a tug boat of 100+grt on a river and have it count towards my sea days? Any help would be appreciated as the advising I’m receiving is piss poor so I’m getting info from people who have done it.

Generally no. I’m not sure which school you’re in or your specific situation, but it would have to be approved by the school. You’ll still have to get whatever normal seatime for how your school’s program is laid out.

Edit: an example where it might count is if you need to make up sea days for whatever reason, and the school’s license coordinator(or whatever title they might call the person) approved it because you need the days for them to submit your full package for you to test.

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If it’s not through the school, then no.

It was allowed with limitation during COVID. It is not now. The classes of '22 and '23 were allowed to use not more than 20 days in lieu of time as cadet.

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