Does the coast guard still have evaluators?

I have a 3rd mate ticket unlimited and I am going to take the test for 1600 ton master and 2nd mate unlimited. I may not have all the sea days I need for the 2nd mate oceans unlimited but… A lot of guys on my ship were able to get their 2nd mates ticket because they were able to sit down with an evaluator. I plan on going to Boston with all my paperwork etc…

My main question is…is the coast guard just going to send my stuff to West Virginia or can an evaluator still rule in this case. I may be short some sea time but other guys said there evaluators just said the hell with it and apporved them for the 2nd mate ticket. If I have to get the tonnage limit on there temporairly…whatever. I can take care of the sea time later.

You will have to pay your evaulation fee around $140 I think then it will be sent to NMC for evaluation.

Someone’s blowing smoke up your a$$ about them handing out licenses that way. There was probably a quid pro quo. Just kidding.

All the evaluators now work at the NMC. The RECs are now nothing but a place to drop off your paperwork. You don’t even have to go in anymore, you can do it all my email and/or snail mail. They even have an online seatime calculator you can plug your days into before they say no.

Lol…Just what I was looking for! thanks guys.