Does NOAA have any true entry-level options?

Just a general curiosity fueled by a need. It’s always been on my mind, getting involved as a mariner, but not until recently have I started actually seeking out information. It’s easy enough to find mounds of information but sometimes opinions are worth more.

Yes. You still need a TWIC and MMC to get hired.

They hire GVA’s which is the lowest position available.

Yeah I got the TWIC and the MMC information down. I just really want to start working towards a career at sea. The information is overwhelming though, there’s so much of it heh.

I’m really aiming for working my way into engineering but wanted to give a go at actually being out on open waters for a period of time first. Honestly I’m wondering if I should just skip that sort of thinking and find an appropriate school to get the ball rolling. Just so eager though.