Noob Question

Hey i was wondering if i can ship out at age 17 i have a GED and my parents will sign consent.

I ask this because you only have to be 16 years old to get a MMC.


I started working on supply boats and seismic vessels when I was 16. But that was 1969. Very few companies will hire anyone under 18 nowdays.

I think you can go into the SIU trainee program at 17 if you turn 18 before you complete it.

Sweet im gonna look into that thanks.

Look up the TWIC on the net. I am not sure you are allowed to get a get a TWIC under 18. If you can’t get aTWIC then NO WAY will you be allowed to even apply for seamans documents.

As an alternative, why not look at nearby (assuming you live near the water) summer jobs on tourist type boats?

You could get you foot in the door by going as a galley hand, they don’t need documents.