NOAA Corps and other options

Hey everyone,

I’d like to spend a great deal of my time on research vessels and I’m weighing in on a few options right now. Ideally, I’d like to join the NOAA Corps - but I don’t have the science prerequisites (I would likely need to go to a community college for a year or two to acquire them, first). Also, BOTC training in the NOAA Corps doesn’t allow you to pass the USCG Third Mate license exam. I want to become a licensed third mate in order to move up the ranks and continue work outside the NOAA Corps if I ever decided to leave it.

What my options now are:

-Study for two years or so and apply to the Corps
-Attend an academy (SUNY Maritime’s M.Sc. or GLMA’s Deck Officer program without a degree)

The academy option will obviously allow me to sail with a wider range of vessels, but it won’t necessarily give me direct access to the work that I’m really interested in doing. Both academies would take me about 3 years to complete (including prereqs for SUNY and the license, it would be a 3 year program, instead of 2), but I’d much rather see myself in Traverse City than NYC. Do you guys think the degree is necessary/is the job market that competitive that it will help me significantly? I’d rather do my Masters somewhere where I can specialize in an area of interest, like the World Maritime University.

Furthermore, is there any other way to make it towards working with NOAA on vessels other than direct admission into the Corps?

Thanks for all the advice.

Go to the website. NOAA unlicensed jobs come up on there all the time. Work your way up fromthe entry level.

You’d be better off getting a job on deck at WHOI, UW, or Scripps than at NOAA, there is not a direct path to commissioning from within as far as I know. An alternative is doing a 2 year course as a marine science technician, it depends on what aspect of the industry you are most interested in. I have been in the UNOLS/NSF fleet for most of the past 20 years, feel free to PM me with any questions you might have.

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NOAA was getting there new Ensigns a 1600 Ton license. But GMATS is no longer. They are trying to work something out right now I believe to try and get them a license again.

[QUOTE=seadog6608;79789]Go to the website. NOAA unlicensed jobs come up on there all the time. Work your way up fromthe entry level.[/QUOTE]

I sailed on the NOAA ship Malcolm Baldridge ,one of the 2 larger vessels that did some sailing,went to alot of countries,I wasn’t NOAA corp,I was in the engine room , civilian crew ,if you do get in NOAA ,try and get on one of those 2 ships,Maldridge is out of service ,but one called the Ron Brown,good luck