Does limited tonnage AB time count towards a 2nd Mate Upgrade?

Can a third mate unlimited use time onboard a 100+ ton vessel for a second mate upgrade?
Is there any CFR pertaining to this?

As a 3rd Mate, you should know how to use the CFR.


I couldn’t find any explanation on what tonnage AB time counts for a license upgrade with 46 CFR § 11.406.

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Your title seems to be asking something different than your post:

Title: Ok to use AB on an unlimited tonnage vessel seatime towards 2nd Mate upgrade?

Answer: YES, but the AB time is 2 for 1 with a maximum of 180 days.

Post: Ok to use Third Mate on a vessel larger than 100 tons for upgrade to 2nd Mate?

Answer: YES, but 50% of the seatime must be obtained on vessels greater than 1600 tons.


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tbritt you have actually misquoted the title.

Does limited tonnage AB time count towards a 2nd Mate Upgrade?

I am interpreting the title, and original post, to mean that our swaggering aggie holds a 3rd Mate Unlimited endorsement, but is currently sailing as an AB on a vessel <3000GT. (@TexasSwaggie you can correct me if I am wrong, please?) I am guessing that the cry for help here stems from the desire to make lemonade out of lemons, and somehow get upgraded to 2nd Mate. And instead of poring through the CFR’s, posted the question here hoping for the answer.

I commend TexasSwaggie on being able to locate 46 CFR § 11.406, but that one piece does not complete the puzzle. There is more.

I will say to TexasSwaggie, that your upgrade will not happen in your current position, if you are indeed sailing as an AB on a limited tonnage vessel. Having worked with several recent academy graduates who hired on as AB’s, all of whom are waiting and hoping for a promotion to the bridge, look to your peers to see who has moved up, and who is still on the deck. Attitude means a lot when the office asks the bridge officers, and more specifically the Master, who is worthy of being promoted.

And when you get to the bridge, stay off your phone.

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There is more. It’s in a rather obviously named section in the same subchapter/subpart. You’ll probably find it in the last place you look.

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Yeah I noticed that. I will leave my post there though in the event that someone finds it useful.

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Will definitely be useful in returning google search results.