AB time for Mate's Licence

I know that you can use AB time to upgrade to a Second mate Unlimited up to 180 days and its 2 for 1. My question is there any way around that where I can use the AB time as straight time? I have heard that if you worked in the capacity of a bosun or Mate in training/AB you could possibly use that time as 1 for .I appreciate the help.

Sea Service Requirements
46 CFR
Recency – 90 days in the past 3 years on vessels of appropriate tonnage
2nd MATE
46 CFR
360 days of service as OICNW on Ocean/NC steam or motor vessels while holding a MMC as 3rd Mate, OR
360 days of service while holding a MMC as 3rd Mate, OF WHICH
180 days of service as OINCDW on Ocean steam or motor vessels, AND
Service as AB, Boatswain, or Quartermaster while holding an AB accepted on a 2 for 1 basis for a maximum of 180 days, OR
A Master if GL &/or Inland of AGT, may obtain this endorsement by completing the prescribed examination.
Unlimited Tonnage
46 CFR
All required service is on vessels over 200 GRT, AND
50% of the required service is on vessels over 1600 GRT.
A Tonnage Limitation may be issued if 50% of the required service is not on vessels over 1600 GRT; however, ALL required service MUST be on vessels over 200 GRT).
46 CFR

thats from the 2nd mate application package, i dont think the “mate in training” is recognized as any sea time credit. also, the ship must be 200gt + to count…if your only a few days short to upgrade, there are a few classes you can take for sea time credit, but it will not count for sea time to renew. http://www.natcargo.org/