Does anyone remember Bhopal?

Vs GOM incident, I was just wondering if there are any similarities, lessons or hypocrisies that can be learned from this incident that happened more than 25 years ago? It was [coincidentally] back in the news last week, as some senior executives were found guilty on some charges, but not the CEO of the time who legged it back to the USA and refused to return.

Well… Bhopal was in India. How about some recent, more appropriate (and should be a wake up call to BP) events?

Eklof (now K-sea) had their management and supervisory personnel found personally liable after the ‘NorthCape, Scandia’ incident.

I don’t know about all the rest of towboaters, but this had a HUGE impact on everyone I know. No more is the term ‘weatherbound’ ignored. No longer is the term, ‘We’ll fix it when you get back’ ignored. How many times did you hear: ‘Just do this one more job before you come in for repairs’

Now when an incident is sent in via email, or skylink a record is kept, and Someone ELSE is just as vulnerable as you! Boy that was nice to actually get the office people responsible for their actions.

However, it would appear that BP (and the oil industry as a whole) has not had the pleasure to be ‘held accountable’. As is typical, everyone wants the glory and the paycheck, but NO ONE wants to be responsible. WAKE UP BP

Does anyone remember BP’s own recent history - Texas City 2005?? This company’s cultural issues are chronic. Anyone having sympathy - don’t!