Document of Continuity

The Certificate Came in the mail.

It Lists

Able Seaman-limited
Steward Department

Problem is my book added
Able Seafar Deck
security awareness

those are missing from this Cirt. Why would that be? For that matter I sent in a bunch of cirts back in feb of all the classes i did and none of those are listed either.

Med care PIC
tankerman assistant
Fast recue boats

But the Able seafar deck and the RFPNW and VPDSD or security awareness kind of worry me. I never had the others in my book before it expired so i can see those not being added.

I guess since my 1 year grace hits on july 30th I just send a new app in a few days. I am signed on for BT refresher and PSC lifeboatman on the 17th-21st of this month. This way i know i won’t lose what i have. Still would like to know if a mistake was made.

It sounds like only domestic qualifications are put in continuity.

If you’re doing the STCW refresher then why not just renew?

I was going to wait till the end of the year to be honest but I think it is best to do it now. I know that once I give them my app. I am going to be mailed the AB open book test and that i might be offshore and it is going to delay it even more So i more or less made up my mind a few days ago to do it next week.

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See 46 CFR 10,227(g)(4):
STCW endorsements may not be placed in continuity.

You have one year to complete the renewal exam.

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