Doctors in Tampa Bay area

Does anyone out there know of any good docs in the Tampa area that are familiar with the CG physical? The ones I’ve used over the past 10 years always seem to be confused with it. Thanks!

My doctor had never seen or heard of the form, but had no problem with it. I contacted him in advance of my appointment, explained what I needed and sent him the form. When I showed up a week later, he had read the form and had already filled out much of it based on my records. He couldn’t do the vision part of it, but had made arrangements for that part to be done by the HMO’s optometry department immediately following.

It’s probably unreasonable to walk in for your scheduled appointment, hand the doctor the form without prior notice and expect they will read it and follow it in the limited tiome alotted for your exam.

Dr. Pettyjohn. A lot of the guys at my old company used her including me.

I always made sure to tell them what I was coming in for and even sent copies prior but they also had issues with vision and hearing. I was just looking for somewhere that is ver familiar with these physicals because I am on a bit of a time crunch( I take full responsibility for that).