Waterfront doctor needed SI or North Jersey

Can someone here give me a recommendation for some waterfront doctors that are familiar with the cg-719 form? I have a crewmember interested in Tankerman PIC

Preferably Staten Island, or North Jersey. I presently pay $55 for my Physicians Assistant to do it, but she is all the way upstate NY.

Thanks in advance.

There isn’t anything on a 719k that is overly difficult for any doctor to fill out. I would call ahead to make sure they do the vision and hearing in office. These are the only 2 parts I’ve had issues with.

You would think, i had at least two get screwed up. Actually one was for tbe vision, the doctor only put down one eye, when the form has entries for each eye, and there was also some controversy over the type of colr blind test.

When i use a waterfront guy, it always goes through first try.

medical associates of Wall Street downtown