CG719K Physical in Jax Fla

Does anyone have a recommendation on a med facility familiar with the physical and drug test forms in Jacksonville Florida? I have no medical insurance and will pay out of pocket. I don’t want to go somewhere unfamiliar with the forms and process. Thanks.

I have always used Solantic Walk in clinics and had no problems…I have NOT used them since the new forms have been released, but cannot imagine they would not be able to conform to the new forms.

Out of pocket is about $85 for the physical and drug screen…Drug screen can take several days to come back, but the physical paper work will be complete on scene.

I have used both the Neptune beach location, and the one off of Monument road.

Good Luck, just call them ahead of time and maybe mention the “standard” as being DOT approved.

Thanks, I will check them out.

Concentra - Jacksonville Northside
1036 Dunn Ave, Suite 10

Completed the new physical just before Thanksgiving with NO hassles and I have a couple ‘issues’ i.e Obstructive Sleep Apnea

They do entertain walk-ins but I do not remember the costs.

Good luck

[QUOTE=78BM98;26611]Thanks, I will check them out.[/QUOTE]
Hello, 78BM98–

My name is Mary and I am with Solantic in the corporate office here in Jacksonville. Our CEO, Karen Bowling, read your posting and asked me to reach out to you. We’d be delighted to see you for the medical care you mentioned in your post and want to ensure you receive the best possible care. If you choose to be cared for at Solantic, feel free to contact Karen directly to let her know how we can help.

Her e-mail address is: and her direct line is 904-223-2345.

Best regards,
Mary Green

Thanks Jollytar and Mary Green.