Diver Swallowed By Whale?

Another reason not to work in the fishing industry.

It has apparently happened before:

Did you know that Jonah was a Brit??:
He even kept a “stiff upper lip” through his ordeal.

I don’t know how much lobstermen make but maybe Mr. Packard should start a YouTube channel & become a tele-evangelist? I’d watch 1 episode just for the novelty of it.

No matter how much a lobsterman make, it will be peanuts compared to what he would make as a tele-evangelist.

Besides, he may have a problem getting hired on a lobster boat again:



yea, i read this last week. For some reason I wasn’t very shocked but the fact he got out ok without his gear giving him much grief was notable. I am sure a whale would not keep something that big or ungainly in their mouth long. … still , doesn’t happen much (that we know of)

Whales are intelligent creatures and apparently have a sense of taste.

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It was probably as nervous as a squirrel waiting to shit a peach seed with a human in its mouth.