Whale Jokes

A male whale and a female whale. The guy sees a lifeboat in the distance and says, "What a lucky day, that lifeboat’s from the ship that killed my father! We should go over there and tip it over with our blow holes."
Shes says "Alright."
The ship capsizes and the crew starts to swim out into the ocean.
“Those bastards killed my father, we should eat them!” He says.
She freaks out and says, “Whoa whoa whoa, I agreed to the blowjob but I’m not going to swallow the seamen.”

A joke made by a spark my dad sailed with when he was chief.

Thhey were docked in germany and was in the bar in the late 70’s, early 80’s.
My dad got in a fight with them over the whale industry and the germans said all norwegians were murderers. Then, from the counter, the spark drunk and merry called out…

Wait! Listen to this new way we hunt them , much more humane than harpoons and shit! We found out how to communicate with them, so now, we play for them a song. They get attractted by this song and swims in to the cave there…
Then we slam the doors shut and turn on the gas!

No one in the bar said a squabble after that…

Dunno if that fit in here, but it had to do with whales